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Reasons To Why Using Leaf Blowers Is Better Than Raking

Achieving a fresh, greenery and smart look for your lawn involves removing rusty rugs of leaves, debris and dust from it. It helps the grass laying underneath the dirt get enough air, light and water essential for proper leaf growth. Cleaning your garden manually is not very enjoyable, especially when sedimented dry leaves and grass is very thick.

Thanks to technological development, we now have leaf blowers to simplify the task while delivering effective results. Leaf blowers come in different designs, including electric and gas blowers. They provide reliable solutions at a high performance for removing leaves from your sidewalk, patio or backyard. Without further ado, let’s go through the advantages leaf blowers have over the traditional or manual method (raking) in cleaning the garden.

Electric Leaf Blowers

The electric operated leaf blowers have the following advantages over raking.


Electric blowers are lightweight due to their cordless design which allows a user to wear and carry on the back. Unlike the gas leaf blowers, they are operated by a motor; therefore, easy for one to handle and cover a broader area. It also comes with a waste collection and disposal bag which can pile up the dirt collected into a single concentration ready for disposal. With a rake, you’ll have to dispose of the waste the hard way.

High Efficiency

Using the electric leaf blower will get things done faster than using a rake and much more efficiently. That’s because they are operated by artificial energy such as gas, electricity and wind, which are more powerful compared to human power. Aside from that, leaf blowers simplify work and reduce the health risks posed by using rakes to clear leaves, including physical pain fatigue.


The Best Leaf Blowers can perform a wide range of functions, let alone clearing leaves. They can remove other types of debris from a lawn such as snow, pebbles and more. A rake can only get rid of unwanted leaves and nothing more and still not achieve the level of performance delivered by leaf blowers. By using these machines, you can blow away anything light enough to get blown away.

Offers Plenty Of Features

Even though leaf blowers differ in performance as others are more powerful, still they’re tailored to meet consumers’ needs. Manufacturers include optimization features enabling gardeners to alter the amount of speed and power used to run the device. There are cordless designs which allow one to use the battery as an alternative to electricity and carry the machine around and cover a larger area than you possibly could while using a rake. You can such features incorporated in designing a rake.

Battery Operated Leaf Blowers

Low Maintenance Costs

If you want a leaf blower that is easy to maintain, the battery-operated ones are the best. They don’t require much upkeep or more effort to care for. Additionally, battery leaf blowers are more comfortable to store than gas-operated modules. The devices have a high-capacity battery, which is enough to keep it running for a very long time and the cordless design makes it lightweight thus more comfortable to handle while clearing leaves in the yard.


Battery-powered leaf blowers are cordless therefore don’t need to be plugged into work. This enables you to move around with ease as you clean the lawn and cover a wider area. Other leaf blower modules have cords for which length limits the range of cleaning coverage. Also, they are powerful enough to provide practical solutions compared to rakes.


The other benefit of using battery-powered leaf blowers is that they can work with several accessories to simplify the task, such as the gutter cleaning kit. When connected to the leaf blower, the tool turns it into a gutter leaf blower useful in cleaning gutters placed in higher places. That’s made possible through extension tubes found on the gutter cleaning kit.

Furthermore, you can use the attachment to access remote areas such as under bushes and other unwanted elements in your lawn. These accessories save the energy and time you would use to complete the job. The accessories also keep you from other duties necessary for lawn maintenance.

Gas Leaf Blowers

Gas operated leaf blowers are arguably the best module to have. They are well fitted, making them more powerful than electric and battery leaf blowers. The performance rate could go up to (5000-8000) RPM, thus higher efficiency and broader coverage. Moreover, the devices are very versatile and offer more functionality features. Aside from that, they are more durable, therefore guaranteeing longevity for users.

When it comes to cleaning your yard, the best devices are those you can work with well for best results. Always go for the ones within your financial capabilities offering satisfactory performance.