Reasons Why Medical Practitioners Consider Changing their Work Situations  

Physicians are in high demand today, with the pandemic being one of the more prominent reasons. However, the pandemic also puts so much burden on physicians and other healthcare workers.

Many are already suffering from pandemic burnout because it makes them extend their work shifts for days or weeks.

Aside from the pandemic, physicians are taking on more administrative responsibilities, and many complain that many colleagues do not give them the respect they deserve.

In addition, most doctors do not like using electronic health records and electronic medical records. Some feel that they are underpaid.

Why do physicians want a career change?

Given the abovementioned factors, it is vital to fully understand why many physicians want to look for another job. Some of the common reasons include the following:

They want better compensation – Topping the list of reasons for considering a new job is better compensation. It is not easy to become a doctor. It takes years to finish the degree, and the expenses can be draining.

Many doctors will still be paying their student loans during the early years of full-time employment. Thus, the lure of a better signing bonus is an incentive that makes physicians move to another medical facility.

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They want a change in climate, literally – While many doctors are offered a job where they spent their internship, some have to move far away from home. Although many physicians are willing to spend several years in their place of work, the climate may not agree with them.

They may have to stay in a place where they are not particularly fond of freezing and long winters or sweltering summers. They may be longing for a place that is more familiar to them.

The work environment might be hostile – Differences in the workplace are not exclusive to corporate environments. It often happens in healthcare facilities. The company culture could be toxic, too.

For example, many physicians complain that administrative work takes too much of their time, leaving less time to devote to patient care. Sometimes the expectations of the physicians and the facility are misaligned, which can cause friction and dissatisfaction from both sides.

Work/life balance – Physicians are human beings, and they need to balance their work and personal life, particularly if they are starting a family. The needs will change, as the physician might consider another location to raise his family, which means looking for an excellent job in a place that is safer and more conducive to raising children.

Lack of challenges – Some physicians who work in smaller regions may think that they are stagnating and need the challenges offered by hospitals in bigger cities. However, it works both ways as some doctors may be tired of the frantic day-to-day situations in a big hospital in the city.

Using a medical recruitment company offers candidates more options to find suitable employment and the proper compensation they seek, which befits their skills and experience. They need to find the right agency that will look after their professional well-being.