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Reasons Why You Should Recruit on LinkedIn

Social media platforms became our number one solution for any tasks and problems, including recruiting. They make it faster and more straightforward. Just consider this LinkedIn recruiter tool automating the whole process.

If talking about LinkedIn in particular, this platform was created for professionals and provides many opportunities for employers to find candidates. Today it has become the first option for recruiters that they can use to close positions on the team.

So why should you try LinkedIn for recruiting and how to use the platform to find the right candidates quickly?

Social recruiting

We should not forget that LinkedIn is a social platform with basic features such as personal profiles, feed activities, etc. People here create their pages to attract others, regardless of their purpose. And the main activity is social communication.

So looking for candidates on LinkedIn, you can drastically expand your professional network, find many like-minded people and make a good analysis of a potential candidate. Sometimes a good profile can tell more than a resume.

Many users don’t actively seek jobs but casually observe new options. It is good to promote your brand among them. Even if they don’t apply themselves, they can recommend you to other fellow professionals.

Creating a strong employer brand

LinkedIn is not only good for recruiting but also for building a strong employer brand. It is a perfect opportunity for companies to showcase themselves and create an even more attractive brand for potential candidates.

To do so, create an informative page with a good presentation of your company. Join LinkedIn groups in relevant industries, start conversations and make more connections. All of these can be done with the help of an automation tool.

Thus, you can simplify and optimize many processes.

For example, LinkedHelper can make about 700 connections per week, boost your activity on the platform with automated actions such as likes and comments, and help create personalized messages to raise the audience’s loyalty.

Referral recruiting

Referral recruiting applies to your current employees, who can help you hire.

When your team members suggest and refer potential candidates, they gain a lot of valuable resources, build more trustful relationships with those candidates, and reduce the time that usual recruiting takes.

Referral recruiting is one of the most powerful tools that takedown turnover and help find qualified professionals.

What else can you do to find candidates on LinkedIn?

Search for candidates using keywords

Just imagine how many professionals are there on the platform. To save your time and make searching more efficient, you can use keywords and narrow down the results.

A good tip is to cross-refer the requirements for candidates with the qualifications in their profiles.

Besides this, you can also use keywords in your company profiles, so users can easily find you, as they also use keyword search when looking for job opportunities.

Here, you can as well turn to LinkedHelper assistance which lets use keyword search and download profiles of interesting candidates, group them and filter for further recruiting steps.

Join LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are not only helpful in finding information. You can search them for new talents.

Groups relevant to your industry can supply you with lots of insights. Check out the discussions, learn the trends and candidates’ expectations, and compare competitors’ offers with yours.

Groups will keep you updated with the information and tendencies in the staffing sector.

Use the power of InMail

In most cases, the first interaction is happening through InMail, and the InMail response rate is usually higher than in traditional emails.

What should you do here? Customize InMail messages and pay attention to your employer brand. Usually, people go straight to your LinkedIn profile after receiving an InMail and before responding to it.

So make sure you broadcast the right message via your company page.

Keep your contact information updated

This is very important as you don’t want to lose potential candidates because of the outdated contact information on your page.

Make sure to leave as much data about the company as possible: place the link to your website, cross-promote your social media pages, and put your phone number or email. Update the information regularly and consistently check your inbox for applications.


Recruiting via LinkedIn is more manageable, takes less time, and provides you with more efficient results.

Use the platform along with other tools and hire qualified professionals. Encourage your current employees to help you with the recruiting processes and create a strong employer brand to attract more candidates.

This will save you resources and time and raise your recognition as an employer on the market.