Reasons Why You Should Start Climbing

Did you know that climbing has become an official sport and will be included in the next Olympics? It might be a hobby for some people but there are those that take it as a serious profession. If you’re an avid climber, there is no reason why you’d want to participate in the Olympics. There will be competition just like in any other person. You might have been watching from the sidelines wishing that you can climb rocks just as you see on the TV. The good news is that it is not as hard as it might appear to be. Anyone can start and here are some of the reasons why you should be climbing from today.

One of the Best Ways to Get Fit

Anyone that climbs on a regular basis is likely to be fit. This is because the sport combines both strength and cardio. For a typical workout, you can expect to use your legs, arms, grip, and core. You will mainly be depending on the core to provide the balance. You can also expect to use all muscles simultaneously which makes for the perfect workout session.

Reduces Stress

Just like with most exercise, climbing can help in reducing stress. The sole focus will be on the wall as you set on conquering a particular route. If it is a new climb, you’ll have to figure out how to navigate the challenges. This helps with problem-solving. It will also teach a lot of other lessons. One of the greatest lessons that you could pick which will be applicable in other spheres of life is the only way is up. It might be full of obstacles but resilience and determination will help in overcoming them.

Helps With Boost

Climbing can be seen as a high adrenaline sport. It will require a different mindset compared to when you’re out for a simple jog. You will need to have the right gear like Climbing hooks and ropes. It is a way of confronting your fears and how to cope when you’re faced with challenging situations. You get a big boost in confidence when you finally overcome the obstacles that were on your climbing way.

Good For All Ages

Age is just a number when it comes to climbing. You have the chance to start young and keep going at it until you become good at it. There are no limits to what you can achieve when there is consistency with the climbing. As long as you can enjoy it and your health still permits it, there is nothing that should be stopping you from climbing regularly. There is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in climbing gear and start pursuing the hobby.

See Amazing Places

If you regularly climb, you get to see new places that a lot of people will not have the opportunity to do so in their lifetime. Most people will only see the views in pictures but with climbing, you get to witness the spectacle with your bare eyes. There is always a 100% guarantee that you will get to see amazing views.

You Meet Amazing People

If you’re looking to make new friends then climbing is the perfect opportunity to do so. The community is friendly and there is always a planned excursion.  You get to meet people who share the same interests as you which is always refreshing. The goal is always to get to the peak and that is one thing that you will always share in common whenever you’re together.

Teaches Patience and Persistence

No one said that climbing is going to be easy. It requires a great deal of patience and persistence. This is something that will be synonymous with every climbing objective. If you give up easily, you might find it to be an exercise in futility. The reward is in conquering the obstacles which will not be possible if you’re not persistent. It could take a couple of days or months but when you finally get to conquer it, there will be no greater feeling.

You Get to Interact With Nature

There are so many untouched places that are awe-inspiring. After seeing how they look, you’d want to protect them at all costs. You get more environmentally-conscious. You’d want to use little less and give more which is only natural after the experiences that you get from climbing.


There are a lot of other benefits to climbing that we might not have covered. What is important is that you’re starting today. Don’t wait until you no longer have the will or energy to engage in the sport.