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Reasons you should never go with a free website builder

Yes, there are so many free website builders out there. But what should you do? Should you pick any website builder for your business or blog? Or you need to hire a professional website designer for this. We know everyone loves the word free. But it’s definitely not a great plan always to get free. If you are seriously into business, or you have a blog by which you have a plan to earn money in the future then definitely you should avoid free website builders.

Limitations of free website builders: If you pay nothing to get a website how can you expect many things from this website? Instead, you’ll get very limited features and you’ll have to play around with the fixed services they offer. You have to compromise your creative skills. Some of the limitations are like:

Limited no. of pages: Some free website builder limits the page numbers you can use for free. You may need to upgrade the plan to use more pages. For example, Hostgator allows only six pages for their free plan.

Free website builders are not actually free: You may be heard the saying “Nothing in this world is free”, or “you’ll get what you paid for”. So you must know what are the cons or limitations of those free website builders.

No Domain name: This is frustrating not to have a custom domain name for your business. Free builders offer you to use your URL with their URL like So do you think you can make business with this domain name?

Branding your company: Your brand is the most important thing for your business. You are giving all your efforts to establish your brand but you’ll have no opportunity if you go with a free website builder. Instead, they will make their brand stronger. Like So here actually Wix is promoting their service and brand.

Advertise: This can be annoying. Many website builders will require ad placement on your website. You’ll get the site for free and they will place ads on your website and they will take the profit away. You may also lose potential opportunities when people will click that ad and get away from your website.

Restricted features like SSL certificate: Free builders will limit the variety of features you may need to make your website stronger such as an SSL Certificate. You need this for your e-commerce store, domain-based accounts, etc. Also, you may get limited bandwidth on your free site.

No customer support: Yes, that’s right. You may get limited or no customer support. So if you face any issue with the codes you’ll have to fix it by yourself.

Keep in mind that your website is an early investment. If you want to be successful with your website and business then you have to pay for a great website. And it’s absolutely worth paying some amount to get a professional-looking website. So if you are serious about your business and brand we will suggest you stay away from free websites.