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Reddit user spots swear word after Skywriter leaves ‘Trust in Jesus’ message above Sydney Harbour

Skywriter leaves ‘Trust in Jesus’ message above Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve – but when you look at it from a different angle it seems to spell out the mother of all swear words

  • Skywriter accidentally spells out profanity while writing a New Year message 
  • The words ‘Trust in Jesus’ were written above Sydney Harbour on New Year’s Eve 
  • But a Reddit user spotted the word c**t as the message being written in the sky 

A religious message written in the sky has awkwardly spelled out the mother of all swear words above Sydney Harbour. 

The skywriter wrote ‘Trust in Jesus’ on Friday night as revellers flocked to Sydney Harbour for New Year’s Eve celebrations.

But some eagle-eyed viewers spotted a profanity as the wholesome New Year’s Eve message was being written. 

A skywriter wrote ‘Trust in Jesus’ above Sydney Harbour on Friday evening (pictured) but some eagle-eyed Sydneysiders spotted something else 

In a post shared to Reddit on Saturday one Sydneysider managed to snap a picture of the message, pointing out the word ‘trust’ actually reads ‘c**t’ from another angle. 

‘It’s all about perspective…’ the Redditor wrote. 

Amused social media users were quick to comment on the post, with one user writing: ‘This is possibly the most Strayan thing that has been posted in 2022…’ 

‘That’s gold,’ commented another. 

‘What a beautiful ambigram,’ added a third. 

A Reddit user managed to capture the message as it was written but noticed it spelled a swear word from a different angle 

It’s not the first time a skywriter has drawn attention for its messaging.

The words wrote ‘VOTE NO’ appeared stretched across the sky outraging some Sydneysiders in the lead up to the 2017 marriage equality postal vote.  

Earlier that year a skywriting company also drew the word ‘TRUMP’ in the sky during the Woman’s March. 

While in 2019 the words ‘save unborn’ and ‘choose life’ were written during a debate over New South Wales’ abortion legislation.