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Reddit users reveal worst chat up lines they’ve received

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  • Reddit user Njstymest asked women to share their worst flirting experiences
  • The post quickly received more than 12,500 cringeworthy responses
  • Users shared bizarre real life experiences from exes and men with fetishes

Most women have been subject to some cringeworthy chat up lines from eager men – but these might just take the biscuit. 

In a new thread on Reddit, women have shared their worst-ever chat up experiences from the hilarious to the downright bizarre. 

Redditor Njstymest posed the question: ‘Women of Reddit, what was the worst thing a man has ever told you in an attempt to hit on/flirt with you?’ – and the responses came flooding in. 

Reddit user Njstymest asked women to share their worst flirting experiences. Two women submitted the response that their exes chose to steal their crutches

One woman recalled her ex stealing her crutches to keep her bound in their relationship. 

His not so flirtatious reasoning was ‘well you can’t run away from me now’. 

Other women shared their experience of mature men making an unwelcome move on them, while other ladies revealed that men encouraged them to participate in bizarre cannibalism fetishes.

One woman shared her experience of dealing with a persistent man who tried to convince her that he would be a better partner than her current beau.

 A similar story was shared of a man who tried to belittle a woman into thinking she needed him. 

Other women shared tales from their trips to local bars, where they’d been chatted up by eager men.  

Being offered a free drink with the tag line: ‘It’s not like I’m gonna rape you’ wasn’t as appealing to one woman as the man had hoped.

Other men also attempted to use criticising a woman’s looks as a way of sparking a conversation – with unsuccessful results.

Awkward encounters with people in the workplace also listed highly in the thread with one woman sharing her experience of being unexpectedly followed and interrogated. 

Some women worryingly said their worst flirting experiences had occurred more than once with different men.

Another chat up line that was shared was about a man who tried to encourage the Redditor to use her imagination for his fetish.


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