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Relocating to Spain

Relatively young, Spain became a nation on December 6, 1978. It consists of more or less 100 islands and shares the border with 5 other countries. The country has much history as an empire and is regarded as a friendly country. In fact, it is considered one of the friendliest countries in all of Europe.

You want to travel somewhere, then Spain is on top of the list. The traveling process is fairly easy and the country is not very expensive. The atmosphere is light. There are numerous places to visit and the food is amazing. The place is bursting with its cultural colors that make everyone warm from inside.

So, Spain is a good place to visit, but did you know that it is a great place to relocate to as well?

Spain is almost perfect in all aspects. You can easily migrate to that land of bursting culture and colors. The living expenses are very cheap and the medical facilities are also very feasible and accessible to all. It may be the best choice you ever make.

The physical part of moving is fairly easy and not hard at all. Especially being a European union citizen puts you at an advantage. You are close to the country and also require less legal work. But if you’re not a European citizen, then it a little tricky. You will need to get a residence permit. The demands regarding those can sometimes be a bit hard. Nonetheless, getting a permit is not something you should let hinder your migration process to Spain.

Geographically Europe is a very accessible country. So when moving to the country, you will have no difficulty bringing your personal belongings with you. But be sure to check beforehand if all your items are legal and not restricted, product and company wise.

Spain has a large landscape for you to choose from to settle in. From colder and mountainous areas to breezy and beach areas. There are tons of information sites online for you to search for the perfect and safest place for you that suits your lifestyle. Every one of the regions in this country has a unique touch with varying traditions, cultures, and people. So it is highly recommended that you take some time to travel and explore.

The people of Spain are mostly very friendly and open-minded. It is pretty easy to make friends and strike conversations with the locals. Whenever shifting to a new location, learning the customs and language is a very good idea to fit in.

Now that you have settles in and gotten to know your do’s and don’ts, you need to get a social security number. It is essential if you want to make a living there. A good tip is to start looking for jobs before you even move as the unemployment rate is quite high. You also need to apply for a work permit if you belong anywhere outside of the European Union. Whatever may be the circumstances, you should be aware that despite all this, Madrid and Barcelona have high entrepreneurship enthusiasm and provide a lot of opportunities for the young. It is also a great place for startup businesses and hubs.

It Is also very important that you open up your bank account. This has many reasons like paying your bills that accept only payments through Spanish banks. Withdrawal fee reduction and of course saves you the trouble for converting currencies. It is very easy to open an account and you can open it even if you are abroad.

There are multiple platforms on Facebook groups, sites, and communities online that will give you an honest and expert opinion on all matters for moving to Spain. It’s a great choice considering financially, culturally, and liberally. And for sure it is a decision very few regret.

You can access a complete guide on relocating to Spain here.


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