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Restaurant Commercial Cleaning

Would you eat in a restaurant that wasn’t clean? From poor food hygiene ratings to unsanitary bathrooms, nothing spreads faster than a bad review, which is what you’ll certainly get if your restaurant isn’t ship-shape. While it can be tempting to leave the cleaning to your busy wait staff, the demands of the business mean that even with the best of intentions, thorough cleaning isn’t always possible. Plus, your staff may lack both the training and equipment to clean to a professional standard in the first place.

That’s why you should consider finding a commercial cleaner for your restaurant. Here’s an overview of what the service provides.

Kitchen Cleaning

Good luck staying open if your kitchen isn’t clean! A filthy kitchen can have serious implications for the health of your customers not to mention your reputation. Commercial cleaning of your kitchen will use specialist tools and equipment. For example, a steam wash to clean your ovens as well as the floors. All remaining food and grease must be thoroughly cleaned from your kitchen after every service.

If space in your kitchen is quite tight, then it’s a good idea to schedule the cleaners to arrive after your kitchen has closed. Commercial cleaners can work at any time of the day, making it incredibly flexible. It will also give your chef’s peace of mind than when they turn up the next day, knowing they don’t have to start with the cleaning which is less than ideal.

Front Of House Cleaning

The area where your patrons will walk into your restaurant and hopefully stay for a bite to eat says a lot about what they can expect. It’s difficult to forget restaurants where there is food on the floor and even on the walls. Not to mention sticky tables that haven’t been cleaned properly in some time.

Front of house cleaning can either be continual or used in addition to your staff’s cleaning efforts. The cleaners will wipe down tables, hoover the floors, remove cobwebs, empty bins, etc. In any premises where food is involved, cleaning should be done daily. Though you can also schedule occasion deep cleans of items such as upholstery, seating, carpets, etc too.

Exterior Premises Cleaning

The cleanliness outside of your restaurant is just as important as the inside. Food venues are a magnet for rodents and other insects, and if the outside perimeter of the building isn’t sanitized regularly, you could run into some issues. From rats to bad smells and even graffiti, it’s the last thing you want to be associated with.

Commercial cleaning can involve deep cleaning of bins, windows, pavements, gutters, drains, and more. Essentially, all of your outdoor areas need to be clean and free of rubbish, especially if it contains food. The benefit of exterior commercial cleaning for your restaurant is that it can be done at any time. It could even attract your customers if they see it in action because it demonstrates you take your cleaning seriously.

To Sum Up

There is no better welcome to your restaurant for your customers than a clean environment. If you can see evidence of the previous diners (especially those from some weeks ago) then this could majorly turn off your customers, and potentially even land you with a fine or closure.

That’s why it’s better to leave the cleaning to the experts instead. There are many different skills a commercial cleaner can bring to your restaurant. This leaves you free to concentrate on your passion which is serving that delicious food!


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