Resurge Weight Loss Supplement Does It Work?

Why should you ignore feeling hungry at night? Why should you stop eating? Can you sleep deep though? Do you avoid that for fear of gaining weight? So you have not heard about healthy eating before bed and the possibility of eating it without any fear, and not only that, but it will ensure you lose weight

Stomach birds may start screaming at night, but are you confused? Are you bothering to bother her or bowing to her desire? Thinking about going to the kitchen and eating and gaining weight and then returning to a deep sleep that a nightmare might wake you from, or you endure hunger and say goodbye to sleep? The truth is that what you think about eating healthy before bed

Before you rush to the kitchen and eat the first thing that looks at you, you must know healthy eating before bed, which guarantees you a feeling of fullness and weight loss in addition to getting a deep type without causing you unpleasant dreams with Resurge, so what are these foods? How do you help in losing weight?

Sleep after eating and its effect on weight

For a long time, most studies and research have indicated a strong relationship between sleeping right after eating and fast and noticeable weight gain. This is 100% true, but recently it was found that eating healthy food before bed and relying on certain foods not only has an effect on weight but also works on Losing it Thanks to Resurge Suppelement

Although the rate of burning fat is at its lowest levels during sleep, but that is limited to the first third of hours of sleep, on the other hand, this level increases to more than twice in the last third to compensate for the slow burning of fat during that period and to increase the speed as well.

This is only when eating healthy foods in a moderate amount, do not wait for weight loss at bedtime after eating a meal rich in calories and fats or after eating a glass of soda water with a plate of ready-made foods.

And you must remember that the main reason for gaining weight is eating more than what the body needs at any time of the day, and that was not just before bedtime, so do not rush to judge sleep after eating.

Eat healthy before bed
So what is healthy eating before bed and what to eat when feeling hungry at night? There are a wide range of healthy options that you can rely on, this opens up a lot of ideas for preparing you a completely healthy meal to rely on, and here is a list of 11 types of healthy eating before bed

1 – Whole grains

Whole grains – bran – brown rice and others can be one of the best foods to be eaten at night, as it provides the body with the vitamins and important nutrients it needs such as proteins and iron in addition to a large amount of fiber that gives a long feeling of satiety as well as an increase in the rate of burning fat.

2- Unsalted nuts

A few grains or the amount of fist treated from unsalted or roasted nuts can provide you with a good amount of fiber, vitamins and healthy fats, all of which means goodbye to hunger, in addition to enhancing the hormone responsible for sleep and thus you will have a comfortable and deep sleep.

3- Warm milk

Eating warm, skimmed milk stimulates the production of both serotonin, which is the compound responsible for resting and relaxing the body, in addition to melatonin, which is the sleep hormone, in addition to the fact that milk is one of the richest materials in proteins and starches, and that is exclusively with warm milk, so eating it cold does not lead to the same results .

4 – Fruit

It is on the Resurge list of healthy eating before bed, as it supplies the body with fluids, a lot of vitamins and fiber, and a very small amount of calories as well as melatonin that treats insomnia, so eating a portion of the fruit can eliminate hunger before bed, and the best fruit: apples – bananas – cherries – Kiwi.

5 – Skimmed yogurt
100 grams of skimmed yoghurt contains approximately 60 calories, so it is one of the best foods to eat before bed because it provides you with amino acids as well as giving you good bacteria that work to boost your metabolism, in case you want to lose belly fat what You should only drink a cup of milk with a little bit of natural lemon juice.

6 – Oats

Calcium, potassium and magnesium in addition to the melatonin sleep hormone with a lot of fibers that delay the feeling of hunger and accelerate the feeling of satiety, and can not ignore the vitamin B groups that have a great role in relieving stress, anxiety and insomnia, so a plate of oats is an ideal dish for weight loss with very little content Calories.

7 – Fruit juice without sugar

Do you suffer from addiction to soft drinks? Do you feel the need to eat it at night? So get rid of this annoying addiction by relying on natural fruit juice but without adding sugar to it and depending on its age while retaining an amount of fiber with juice (i.e. without complete liquidation) thus you will save yourself a huge amount of calories, sugars and damages.

8- Fat-free salads

All kinds of vegetables available to you: cucumber – lettuce – carrots – tomatoes – onions – lemon – capsicum and others, through which you can get a delicious salad platter that is able to silence your hunger amazingly and quickly and all of that without remembering calories, but make sure not to add fat to this the plate.

9 – A dish of popcorn

A plate of popcorn, but the stomach in an oil-free home contains only 30 calories, but it can be more than enough to provide you with satiety and lots of fiber, so it is the best option every time you feel hungry not only before bed but between meals as well, and the best Part is the possibility of making popcorn according to many delicious recipes.

10 – Dishes rich in protein

Proteins guarantee the highest levels of satiety in addition to their effective role in increasing fat burning, so you can rely on red meat, grilled or boiled chicken, legumes, cheese or boiled eggs, but make sure that there is not any amount of fat in your plate, otherwise things will turn Into a weight loss disaster.

11 – Little carbohydrates

You can eat a few carbohydrates before bed to give you a feeling of satiety with a small amount of calories, and that is only by choosing the right method and amount. For example, replace fried potatoes with boiled potatoes, if you must eat bread eat whole grain bread.