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Revealing the Net Worth of DC Young  

A rising in the American entertainment industry is DC Young Fly. He is a multi-talented, cyber personality, top-class comedian, rising actor, and much more. He also has his hands in the music industry as a rapper and songwriter.

If you are a roast comedy fan, you must be familiar with DC Young and his humor talents. DC has also worked as a host in various TV and web shows. Some aspects of DC’s life, such as queries about DC Young Fly net worth, are resolved here.

DC Young Background

Young was born on the 2nd of May in 1992 in Georgia. Initially, his parents named him John Whitefield, which he later changed with his now known name, DC Young. Young revealed that he chose this name after his favorite comic series of DC.

Young had a brother whom he loved very much. Unfortunately, his brother was killed in 2011, which greatly impacted his life. After the death of his brother, DC young started pursuing his rapping career.

Career Storyline Of Young

For DC, his career began when he started doing six-minute video vines in 2003. As soon as he realized his comedy skills and roasting capabilities, he started roasting out artists like Kevin Hart, B Daht, Mike Mell, Drake, and others.

Roasting gave him attention to the limelight, and people started recognizing his talents. Young’s big break came through when he joined the American comedy roasting game show “Wild ‘n Out.”

Dating and Love Life

As a young, talented, and sparking comedian, Young was always blessed in the dating game. Young has been dating American model, Ms. Jacky Oh for three years. DC has never been hesitant to share his love life with his fans as he regularly posts his moments with his girlfriend. Young was blessed with a baby girl (Nova Whitfield) In 2016. They received another baby girl (Nala Whitfield) in august 2020. While DC Young and Ms. Jacky aren’t married, they surely are committed to each other for the long term.

Net Worth of Young Fly

The majority of earnings for DC Young came through his performances at MTV’s roasting show Wild ‘n Out. He was also paid solid cheques for his regular appearance at Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out version.

By the end of 2021, the total worth of DC Young was expected to be around 3 million dollars. As of now, DC has multiple sources streaming for his earnings. It also includes his YouTube channel, firmly established with almost three million subscribers.

What Made DC Young Millionaire?

Certainly, it was all the hard work and dedication he put forth into reaching this point in his life. Young has also made significant money through documentaries, a few songs, miniseries, brand endorsements through his social media, and his blockbuster movie “Christmas.”

Christmas made a whopping 16 million dollars collected from the box office, giving a solid share in his DC Young Fly net worth. While considering the points of the rise of DC Young’s earnings, the major points will certainly be his earnings through TV shows like Wild ‘n Out.