Review: Uwell Caliburn A3 Pod Kit in UK

What can be known to loyal users of Caliburn is that the UWELL Caliburn series products have always been implemented with simple and practical features. Whether it is from the very beginning UWELL Caliburn pod kit or the current Caliburn A3 kit, their most prominent features.

It is these two points, it would be difficult for experienced people to disagree with this point of view.

In terms of the design concept, it is an upgraded product of UWELL Caliburn A2. Solid aluminum alloy shell, beautiful and very light. Basically, you won’t feel any burden in your hand. A3 still features a visual window, which can easily check the internal vape juice.

The Fire button provides a dual function, an activation device, and a locking device. The locking function is to prevent the electronic cigarette from being opened without knowing it, resulting in a series of dangerous situations.

The performance of A3 and A2 can be said to be basically the same. The 520mAh battery provides battery life for the pod kit.

Additionally, through the type-c 2A device, it can be fully charged in about 15 minutes. It can be said that this kind of low-power electronic cigarette is fast and convenient to use, and basically does not waste too much time on charging.

Caliburn A2 reminds you of the battery capacity through a bar-shaped LED light at the bottom, while A3 uses a more obvious breathing LED, which tells you the specific battery capacity and the operating status of the device through different colors.

This design can save vapers a lot of worries.

Uwell Caliburn A3 Pod is a magnet-attached device that you can refill through the top in addition to the regular 2ml capacity. The leak-proof system can basically guarantee the safety of use.

From the changes in some details, we can see UWELL’s intentions. Only with extreme intentions can we truly empathize with users.

Except for UWELL Caliburn products, there is also the recently launched UWELL Caliburn X, the first pod kit product with a screen added, which reflects UWELL’s technical excellence. UWELL sculptor kit is a device with an extraordinary appearance, which can be called a fashion item.

There is also UWELL Crown D, which was launched shortly before UWELL A3, which can be said to have made great changes in performance.

Vapers know that most of the pod kits made by the UWELL brand are low-output devices. And crown d provides a built-in battery of 1100mAh and a maximum output of 35W, which is definitely a treasured item.

Intelligent screen, multi-function buttons, and practical accessories. We can’t admit that Crown D performed very well.

As an e-cigarette brand with 7 years of experience, UWELL complements innovative design concepts, strict advanced quality control systems, as well as the spirit of craftsmanship, to prove our solid and strong strength.

UWELL can also create a better vaping world for you.

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