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Rihanna closes out New York Fashion Week with an all-inclusive cast

By Charlie Lankston at New York Fashion Week 

Much like the fantastically colorful designs showcased by the models on the Savage x Fenty runway, the coordinating beauty looks were truly a spectacular sight to behold. 

Created by the Fenty Beauty team, led by Global Makeup Artists Priscilla Ono and Hector Espinal, the looks focused were incredibly colorful, with an ethereal edge that tied in well with the other-worldly quality of the catwalk spectacular. 

‘The team wanted the beauty looks to focus on the colorful interpretation of emotions, creating looks that featured breathable, radiant skin and intense washes of color inspired by stained-glass,’ the backstage beauty notes explained. 

‘Ranging from shimmering brights to ethereal mattes, the colors included in each look were endless and empowering. 

‘Using all Fenty Beauty products, the artistry team began by creating a natural and youthful looking base. Each look was grounded in beautiful color, unique to each girl and her skin tone, topped with a high-gloss finish and shimmering skin from head to toe.’

In order to create that natural, youthful base, the makeup artists applied the Match Stix Matte Skinstick only where needed on the face, so as not to totally cover up the models’ natural complexions. 

For the rest of the looks, the models were given one of several different color schemes, with some girls modeling an intense rainbow eye color and lip shade, while others were pictured with bold lips and matching cheeks. Then there were a few that had more of a low-key look, missing out on a lip color, but showcasing a stunning eyeshade.

Those eyes were given a shimmering once-over with the Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in Chili Mango – ‘a sun-kissed orange sheen’ – and Confetti – an iridescent opal.

Models then got an added boost of radiance on their faces courtesy of the Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil – a newly-launched product that was released specifically to celebrate the year-one anniversary of the brand – while blush and highlight were applied using one of the many available Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter shades. 

Finally – the lips. 

Although the colors were bold, the overall look was more of a smudged stain – a trend that made an appearance on more than one runway this season. 

Using the Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick, artists applied one of two colors, an electric pink called Candy Venom, and a bold ‘royal red’ called Ma’Damn. 

The blend of different colors – and different looks – on each girl served as the perfect accompaniment to the incredibly diverse cast of women who featured on the runway, and this unique, independent style was further emphasized by the hair, which once again varied from girl to girl. 

While some women were left with their natural styles, be it curly, wavy, straight, or even brightly-colored (including neon green, bright orange, and a bold red), others were given one of many different funky updos. 

One model strutted her way down the catwalk with an incredibly high ponytail, with just a couple of thin strands slicked in  a wavy style against her forehead. 

Gigi Hadid modeled a khaki headscarf to match the lingerie she was modeling, while her sister Bella was given a slicked-back top knot that was embellished with a funky headpiece.