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Ringless Voicemail: The Newest Tech in the Industry

When it comes to marketing for your business, you want to know all your options. Often, when starting out, you need to find ways of marketing without breaking the bank.

One option that’s often overlooked is ringless voicemail services. So what is ringless voicemail? It’s pretty straightforward really: ringless voicemail allows you to send a voicemail to a wireless phone without the phone ever ringing. It sounds a tad sneaky, but it’s actually quite ingenious.

But why is ringless voicemail beneficial to a business? Check out some of the benefits of ringless voicemail to consider including it into your business:

Ringless voicemail is less annoying

The fact that ringless voicemail is less annoying to the consumer is probably the biggest benefit, as it immediately makes your customer feel as though you care about not disturbing them. Without the ring, you’re less likely to interrupt them at inconvenient times. Everyone has likely heard someone complain about a call interrupting something they had deemed important. It’s frustrating and irritating.

Without the actual call, you won’t interrupt your customers. This makes it so that initial contact isn’t associated with annoyance or anger. This tactic also allows your customers to listen to the voicemail at their leisure. A phone call must be picked up as it’s coming in. It seems small, but that’s incredibly inconvenient.

Ringless voicemail is cost effective

Incorporating voice drops software into your company can save you money in the long run. Without making actual calls, more voicemails can be sent out in less time. And it’s automated, so you won’t have to hire multiple people to perform cold calls. While you do have to pay for this type of service, you tend to save money by getting more advertising for less effort.

Ringless voicemail gets you a better call back rate

Businesses who implement this software have a higher return on calls with a consistent increase of seven to eleven percent. This type of service also prompts people to call back, since they can just push the “call back” button on a voicemail. Better call back rates lead to better business.

Considering that, according to Chron, cold calling receives fairly strong response rates. It stands to reason that this less irritating way of doing things will only have even more success.

Ringless voicemail is superior to the “robocall”

Unlike the robocall (automated voice call), the ringless voicemail won’t charge your customers phone bill for the voicemail.

Plus, unlike the robocall, a ringless voicemail always gets the message to the consumer since hanging up is not an option. While not every customer will listen to the full voicemail, every customer will receive it and be given the opportunity to hear your pre recorded message.

Additionally, according to Will Wiquist, a spokesman for the Federal Communications Commission, robocalls were included on the list of common consumer complaints. This alone suggests that it’s a better alternative to the traditional cold call scenario.

Ringless voicemail is better protected under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Most of the companies offering this service provide guidance under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). For example, certain companies have a guidance page for what is and isn’t legal under the TCPA.

It’s always better to be on the safer side when it comes to potential lawsuits with your company. Lawsuits can happen with any company, but going with a company that provides guidance in legal situations will give you peace of mind.

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