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RMIT Study reveals what a person’s phone habits say about their personality

Are you agreeable, conscientious or inventive? How you use your mobile phone can reveal A LOT about your personality type

  • RMIT University focused on curious, extroverted, neurotic, and friendly people
  • They used sensors that tracked where a phone went over a period of time 
  • Extroverted people were found to meet up with different people during the week

A university study has revealed that how you use your mobile phone can speak volumes about your personality.

RMIT University in Melbourne conducted research using tiny sensors that tracked where a phone moved and how apps were used to determine what sort of personality people had.

The study focused on five main personality types: extroverted, agreeable, open, conscientious and neurotic.

RMIT University’s study revealed that neurotic women tended to be on their phone late into the night where as neurotic men did the opposite (file image)

‘Activity like how quickly or how far we walk, or when we pick up our phones up during the night, often follows patterns and these patterns say a lot about our personality type,’ RMIT University computer scientist Associate Professor Flora Salim said in a statement.

Ms Salim said previous studies using phone call and messaging apps were conducted but their latest research proved more accurate.

The study concluded that introverted people usually did the same things on week nights where extroverted people had more random habits, meeting up with a range of different people at various times.

Agreeable people were seen to be the busiest during weekends and week day nights.

People who were more open and curious tended to make fewer phone calls than others.

Research revealed that conscientious people didn’t tend to contact the same person twice in a short period of time.

The RMIT study also concluded that there were large differences of phone use seen between men and women.

Friendly and compassionate females tended to make more phone calls than anyone else, while neurotic women stayed on their phones late into the night.

The research found that extroverted people tended to move to a range of different places during the week and curious people made the least amount of calls (file image)

The research found that extroverted people tended to move to a range of different places during the week and curious people made the least amount of calls (file image)

Males who had sensitive or neurotic traits were found to be on their phones a lot less than women with the same characteristics were.

Nan Gao, the study’s lead author and RMIT University PHD student, said the findings were very exciting and revealed a lot about a person’s personality.  

‘Many of our habits and behaviours are unconscious but, when analysed, they tell us a lot about who we really are so we can understand ourselves better, resist social pressure to conform and to empathize with others,’ Ms Gao said. 

‘Most importantly, being who we truly are can make our experience of life richer, more exciting and more meaningful.’

The study was conducted using participants from the US and the RMIT team say they will next test Australians to see if they receive the same results.



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