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Road trip in New Zealand

If you want to spend your vacation contemplating stunning landscapes, if you want the climate to be warm, and everything around you is soothing, then you should go to New Zealand. The best time to travel to New Zealand is from early January to mid-March. Then it is warm, sunny, and the weather on the capricious South Island is relatively stable.

New Zealand, with its wild vast expanses and varied landscapes, unspoiled by man, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Stunning scenery, vast green forests, amazing fauna and pleasant climate make New Zealand an outdoor adventure paradise! New Zealand is ideal for road travel.

You can see it yourself, thanks to the huge road system that covers the entire country. If you are travelling in New Zealand, you will see many tourists travelling around the country in minivans, SUV, light trucks or even motorbikes.

You can hitchhike or use public transport between big cities. However, in high season it is difficult to find a place in the hostel for the night and you must plan your itinerary with at least a week in advance.

Caravanning in New Zealand

Another option is to rent a mobile home or a car and use free or paid camping. Having a house with its own toilet, you can sleep wherever you find a place. When you are driving a regular car and sleeping in a tent or small van, you need to look for places with public restrooms.

Caravanning in New Zealand makes the country affordable and gives you the freedom to get off the beaten path and sightseeing at your own pace. Renting a camper van allows you to stop and take pictures on the side of the road.

Easy to find anywhere to stay with your camper. New Zealand surprises with the number of campgrounds in the country. Every village, town, national park, beach and tourist attraction has a campground nearby. You will have no problem finding accommodation if you have a holiday home.

There are even certain areas where you can camp for free! If you get tired of being in the van from time to time, you can book a room at the campsite, as almost all properties rent out cabins. The campsites are well equipped, clean and reasonably priced.

How to change a car tyre on a road trip?

However, a road trip can trip you up if car problems arise. Check a tire checking part of your daily car maintenance routine. A flat tire or other tire problem can be an inconvenience when you’re far from home, and the heat that can build up in tires over a long drive at high speeds can make these problems worse.

Where to buy tires in New Zealand?

If you ever have to buy tires in New Zealand, you will see the vast number of stores that offer tires of all qualities, varieties and brands. It is a tremendously competitive market for a small population!

Of this large number of tire stores, two chain stores are super unique and attract a lot of attention. One is called Tony´s Tyres Service (Yellow), and the other is called Mag and Turbo (Blue).

Mag and Turbo is a 100% New Zealand company with more than 20 years in the local market, and it is mainly focused on the sale of wheels, tires, 4WD lifts kits, suspension and accessories for your vehicle (Cars, SUV or 4×4 light trucks). Mag and Turbo offer Nitto, Pirelli, GT Radial, Nankang, Nexen, Achilles, Hercules, Toyo and many more alternative brands, their range of tire brands is enormous.

The other tire company that we should also mention is called Tony’s Tires Service. Today the company has more than 30 stores throughout all the country with a location in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Gisborne, Hamilton, Hastings, Levin, Lower Hutt, Napier, Nelson, Palmerstone North, Porirua, Rotorua, Tauranga, Timaru, Upper Hutt, Wanganui, Wellington City and Whangarei.