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Roger Goodell reveals NFL will release Commanders investigation report even if Dan Snyder sells

Roger Goodell reveals NFL will release report on Commanders investigation even if Dan Snyder sells team amid ‘two formal $6m bids for the franchise’

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has revealed the league will release any report finalized regarding an investigation into the Washington Commanders regardless if Dan Snyder sells the team.

Any report will be made public, notwithstanding Snyder staying or leaving according to the soon-to-be extended commissioner. 

‘Yes, we’ve committed to releasing the findings,’ Goodell said Tuesday at the league’s annual meetings.

Snyder and the Commanders are still under investigation by former U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White, who was retained by the league to look into various aspects of the organization stemming from a congressional review into workplace misconduct that also included a referral to the Federal Trade Commission for potential business improprieties.

‘We’ll allow (White) to do her job and then we’ll see where we are,’ Goodell said.

NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell said the league will release findings from the investigation 

A $6billion, fully-financed bid has been submitted to current owner Dan Snyder (pictured)

A $6billion, fully-financed bid has been submitted to current owner Dan Snyder (pictured) 

It follows two separate groups submitting $6billion bids, according to ESPN.

One offer was submitted by billionaires Josh Harris, Mitchell Rales and NBA legend Magic Johnson, while another was made by Canadian billionaire Steve Apostolopoulos. 

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported there is a growing belief the team gets sold before the first round of the NFL Draft on April 27. 

The future of the NFL team has been up in the air since embattled owner Dan Snyder enlisted the Bank of America to explore a potential sale of the team last year, and until now, no interested party had reached his lofty valuation.

Harris already owns the Philadelphia 76ers NBA team and the NHL’s New Jersey Devils, while he is a part-owner of Premier League soccer’s Crystal Palace as well. 

Rales, meanwhile, has no previous history of owning a sports franchise, but has an estimated net worth of $5.5b. Johnson is currently a part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

Canadian billionaire Steve Apostolopoulos

Canadian billionaire Steve Apostolopoulos

The 58-year-old Snyder has faced fans’ calls to sell the struggling team for years, but pressure has been mounting since 2020 following accusations of sexual harassment, financial impropriety, and obstruction against the team and Snyder himself. 

Sexual harassment allegations against team employees ranged from inappropriate comments to the creation of a lewd behind-the-scenes video from a cheerleader calendar shoot in 2008, according to the 2020 Washington Post report that first uncovered the claims. 

A former cheerleader also alleged that Snyder suggested that she join his ‘close friend’ in a hotel room in 2004 so they ‘could get to know each other.’

Magic Johnson is closing in on becoming a part-owner of the Commanders, according to reports

A group led by Josh Harris has reportedly submitted a $6billion bid to Dan Snyder

Magic Johnson (L) is teaming up with Josh Harris (R) in a bid to buy Washington Commanders

The Snyders are exploring the possibility of selling the team, to the pleasure of many fans

The Snyders are exploring the possibility of selling the team, to the pleasure of many fans 

Snyder denied this claim in a 2020 statement: ‘I want to unequivocally state that this never happened.’

While the Commanders have fired many of the individuals accused of sexual harassment and paid a $10 million fine to the NFL, Snyder has defiantly denied accusations against him in the face of subsequent investigations. 

The Democrat-led House Oversight committee launched an investigation into the Commanders and the league probe after the NFL decided against compiling its findings in a formal written report, citing confidentiality concerns. 

The Committee investigation uncovered previously unknown allegations against the team and Snyder before it was ended when Republicans took control of Congress in 2022.