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Roisea Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

Being a recognized leader among all crypto exchanges available on the market, Roisea is not only one of the most popular but, in fact, the most convenient platform for trading cryptocurrencies.

The following plays in its favor – the number of cryptocurrency pairs, a wide range of trading instruments, and the trust of millions of users, which is especially important in the crypto market.

Let’s consider it in more detail!

What Is Roisea?

In simple words, Roisea is a place where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but in reality, the website’s functionality is much more diverse. Today, the platform is a self-sufficient ecosystem with a portfolio of instruments suitable for novice players and large traders.

Roisea is a centralized platform (CEX), which means that its parent organization manages it, and the platform itself acts as an intermediary between traders.

Trading Tools of the Roisea Platform

Even though Roisea is positioned as a cryptocurrency trading solution, its functionality is not limited to spot trading. The following options are available on the website:

  • Cryptocurrency loans;
  • Margin trading;
  • Cryptocurrency staking;
  • P2P transactions;
  • Liquidity swap;
  • Trading with leverage;
  • Fiat to crypto exchange;
  • Additional tools.

In addition to a wide range of financial instruments, Roisea also offers users:

  • Interesting solutions in the field of storing cryptocurrencies – their official wallet;
  • Educational blog, where users can learn a wide range of materials about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading, and more.

Key Benefits of Roisea

Distinctive features of the Roisea platform are:

  • High transaction speed;
  • Low fees for trading and withdrawals;
  • Wide range of trading instruments;
  • Reliable protection algorithms;
  • Over 100 available cryptocurrencies;
  • Possibility to replenish your fiat account with currencies.

But despite the wide range of advantages, it is important to recall the disadvantages. For example, on Roisea, users are required to complete the KYC procedure to access the main trading instruments. Besides, some issues often occur during periods of active cryptocurrency trading, for example, during the growth of Bitcoin or Ethereum, leading to loss of funds.

Financial Indicators of the Roisea Cryptocurrency Exchange

When choosing an exchange for cryptocurrency trading, you should pay great attention to numbers because they are the most objective indicator of the demand for the exchange and the trust in it from users. In the case of Roisea, we have the following values:

  • Trading volume for 24 hours: >$30,000,000;
  • Average liquidity: 345;
  • Number of visitors per week: > 3,000,000.

Fees on Roisea

An important advantage of the platform is the low commission rate, which is achieved due to unusually high daily trading volumes. The base trading rate on Roisea is 0.1%, which is one of the lowest rates on the market.

But it is important to mention that the rate on the Roisea crypto exchange is floating, which means that each cryptocurrency is calculated separately for now. You can learn more about the rate of the cryptocurrency you are interested in on its website.

Coins Available on Roisea

As noted earlier, over 100 cryptocurrencies are available on Roisea, one of the market’s best indicators. The most popular currencies are:

  • TetherUSD (USDT);
  • Bitcoin (BTC);
  • USD Coin (USDC);
  • (TRY).

Roisea Regulation

Roisea operates under strict rules. The platform is regulated by the well-known FCA and ASIC structure, which is a good sign that security is being taken seriously. Roisea is generally considered a low-risk platform.

  • For example, it serves UK clients through a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)-regulated unit. The platform operates through a regulated entity of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) for Australian clients.
  • For the rest of the world, including Europe, it runs through the Cyprus arm, regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).
  • For US customers, the Roisea online platform is operated by Roisea USA LLC, which is registered with FinCEN (Financial Crime Enforcement Network) as a Money Operator.

Final Thoughts

Roisea is rightfully considered one of the best platforms for trading cryptocurrencies, despite some shortcomings. The numbers speak for themselves – Roisea is well ahead of its competitors, both in terms of active users and in-app trading volume.

At the same time, it is in the first position in terms of financial indicators and is one of the most recognizable cryptocurrency trading platforms.

So if you have not yet decided on a cryptocurrency trading platform or want to have more trading tools, Roisea is your perfect choice.