Rowan Dundon admits to placing genitals on teenagers head at party in Mount Barker, WA

Pervert, 28, admits to ‘tea-bagging’ and ‘humiliating’ a sleeping 15-year-old at a party after placing his genitals on the teenager’s head

  • Rowan Dundon placed his genitals on a teenager’s head in October last year
  • The victim didn’t know what happened until he saw footage of it at school 
  • Boy had become intoxicated at the party before throwing up and falling asleep

A man has admitted to ‘tea-bagging’ a sleeping teenager at a party after he placed his genitals on the child’s head. 

Rowan William Dundon, who was 28 at the time, had performed the ‘degrading and humiliating’ act on a 15-year-old boy at his neighbour’s party in October last year in Mount Barker, Western Australia.

The victim wasn’t aware of what had happened until he went to school and saw footage of the act being passed around by his friends.

The victim wasn’t aware of what had happened as he had fallen asleep at the party after becoming drunk (file image)

Appearing at Albany District Court, Dundon pleaded guilty to aggravated indecent assault.

One the night of the offence, the 15-year-old had become drunk at the party and began to throw up before falling asleep. 

The court heard that Dundon had then performed the act in front of at least two other people at the party.

‘The offender knelt down to the victim’s head area and then leaned over the victim and placed his genitals on or near the victim’s face,’ State prosecutor Richard Lienert said, The West Australian reported.

‘The phone camera has come out, he shows himself to the camera prior to doing it, so there’s no mistake about what he’s going about and doing.’ 

The man had been discussing ‘tea-bagging’ with his friends at the party, in relation to a series of video games where the act occurs – such as Halo and Fortnite.

Mr Lienert said Dundon had humiliated his victim.

‘It’s accepted it’s not an act for sexual gratification, but the act itself is done as a humiliating and degrading type act against the victim,’ Mr Lienert said.

Judge John Staude accepted Dundon was remorseful for his actions and handed him a six month community based order.

Dundon will also be subject to reporting conditions for seven years.

The 15-year-old was only made aware of the incident after footage was passed around at school (file image)

The 15-year-old was only made aware of the incident after footage was passed around at school (file image)