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Royal mail release stamps to commemorate toys

  • The stamps will feature nostalgic nods to a golden age of toymaking
  • The Merrythought bear, Spirograph and Stickle Bricks all feature in the set
  • They are available at 7,000 post offices across the UK and Royal Mail’s website

Action Man and Sindy dolls could soon be helping your post be delivered.

The classic toys appear on a series of stamps launched by Royal Mail to commemorate playthings from the last 100 years.

As well as the dolls, the stamps – which are available from today – will feature other nostalgic nods to a golden age of toymaking.

Frank Hornby’s beloved Meccano is also among the designs, along with other classic products including the Merrythought bear; Spirograph; Stickle Bricks; W Britain toy figures; Space Hopper; Fuzzy-Felt; and Hornby Dublo trains.

Sindy dolls were launched by Pedigree Toys Ltd in September 1963. The first Action Man dolls for the British market appeared in 1966, and UK-specific outfits for the toy have included football kits

The inclusion of Merrythought bears will celebrate the Shropshire-based company’s recognisable teddies, which quickly attracted high-end retailers such as Harrods in the 1930s and continue to be produced today.

One of the stamps is dedicated to Hornby Dublo electric train sets

The stamps are available at 7,000 post offices across the UK as well as Royal Mail’s website.

Royal Mail spokesman Philip Parker said: ‘British toymakers enjoyed a reputation for quality and innovation, and these nostalgic stamps celebrate 10 wonderful toys that have endured through the decades.’

Other special sets of stamps from Royal Mail this year have included a celebration of Windsor Castle and British songbirds.