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RoyaltySpeed Process Agents Help Your Commercial Trucks to Operate Legally In Any State

Most freight forwarders and motor carriers operate in many states as they transport goods all over the country. This requires them to ensure that their vehicles can legally operate on the road, as commercial trucks need to be careful to adhere to a number of additional regulations and rules, and also require to have a Blanket of Coverage, or BOC, form filled in. If you want to learn more about their services, and perhaps hire them, visit their website at

This form needs to be filled by agents like RoyaltySpeed process agents so that an entire fleet of trucks used commercially or intended for hire, or freight forwarding can have the authority to operate in any state, where the trucking company needs to reach. BOC forms are also required for brokers. Failure to fill this form will deny you any operating authority and make it impossible for you to move the freight on the interstates.

This form has to include the name and address of the process agent, and it is this agent who will not only ensure filing of the form, but also act as an agent to receive any legal documents that involve your vehicles or company, and then have them delivered to you.  So, when any court case is filed against you, it is this process agent who is responsible for the acceptance and delivery of the legal documents.

Any company or entity that needs to File a BOC form has to do this through a process agent, and only one form has to be completed and be available on file. Copies of this form must be retained by the company at the place of business that is its headquarters. For trouble-free operations, it is necessary to appoint a process agent, and not limit this choice of an agent who operates in the town or city where you have your headquarters.

Process agents will charge fees and every one of them will have their schedule for such charges. While some agents charge flat fees, they will often have other hidden fees that drive up the cost. Get an idea of the total cost, before you sign on any process agent. It makes sense to appoint agencies that have representatives in every state that you operate, as then the level of service that you can expect will be of a higher standard, and getting in touch with them will be much easier.

An agency like RoyaltySpeed process agents is known for charging only a one-time fee, that does not have any hidden costs, and everything is upfront. They have real agents in every state so that it makes it easier for your truckers or other people of your company to get in touch with them, wherever they require. It is a company that is based in the United States, they are trustworthy, and their work is fast and they are easy to work with. It enables you to retrieve any documents that are lost at any time.

Partnering with the right process agent should enable you to stay legal on the road, and easily attend to any legal matters that operations of trucks often involve.


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