Rules for wearing jewelry or what to wear with

A little about age

Young girls are advised to wear earrings and chains made of silver and gold, as well as not conspicuous jewelry made of rock crystal, pearls, corals, turquoise, and other precious and semi-precious stones.

More mature women should wear expensive jewelry, usually rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, and other precious metal jewelry. Jewelry must contain precious and semi-precious stones.

The only limitation can be only a sense of proportion.

Combination of jewelry

It is very important that the jewelry matches in shape, style, and design. Thin, graceful jewelry together with massive ones will look very untidy; this rule applies to all types of jewelry.

There can be several rings on one hand, but there should only be one ring with the stone. It is not recommended to wear more than two rings per hand.

Some women believe that jewelry made of different metals, such as white and yellow, cannot be worn on one hand.

This opinion is wrong, such a combination is permissible and, on the contrary, may be welcomed. White and yellow metals look very good in combination, for example, rings or bracelets. Platinum and gold or white and yellow gold are often combined.

However, if you put a gold watch and a silver ring on one hand, or vice versa, then such a bundle looks inappropriate. When choosing sets in stores, it is advisable to start with choosing earrings, and then a necklace, a ring, and a bracelet are selected.

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Selection of jewelry for wardrobe

Jewelry should be matched to the color of the dressing or vice versa, jewelry should contrast with the garments.

  • Turquoise should not be worn on a blue and green dress, amethysts should not be combined with blue.
  • Rubies will be completely lost if you wear red.
  • However, there are exceptions, gold, diamonds, and pearls go with any clothing.
  • Large and wide bracelets are recommended to be worn for clothes made of smooth fabrics, for suits with elements of national and ethnic style.
  • In the winter season, it is not recommended to wear stones of bright colors, all the charm of gems is manifested under the rays of summer light.
  • A thread of opaque gems or white stones is suitable for summer, casual dress.
  • Beads with blue stones look good with black and blue-green dresses.
  • Cool, gray-blue stones, along with yellow-greens, go well with brown dresses with shades of orange and beige.
  • Stones with purple hues go well with yellow clothes, while stones with wine-yellow hues go well with gray-blue dresses.
  • Beads of dark red and green colors are usually worn with a gray suit.
  • White pearls and amber are suitable for a black suit.
  • A sweater or plain knitwear is best to decorate with a small pendant on a thin gold or silver chain.
  • Necklaces, chokers, and pendants with bright and shiny stones are suitable for special occasions, a low-cut dress is recommended for these decorations.

The four basic types of personality

When choosing clothes, makeup, accessories, and jewelry, it is recommended to take into account the type of appearance you match. Types and main features may vary with skin, hair, and eye color. Let’s analyze the four types of individuality by the example of the seasons.

Spring type personality

Very light and delicate skin – peach color. The tan sticks well, but has a reddish tint, during exciting situations, the skin of the face becomes covered with pinkish spots.

Usually, blondes with green, golden brown or blue eyes fall under this type, hair color can vary from straw to light blond shades.

Fine jewelry adorned with sapphires, topaz, coral, turquoise, amber, and pearls of yellowish and cream shades is suitable for this type of woman. Gold of any color, platinum, with the exception of silver, will look advantageous.

Silver of course can also be worn, but preferably with rhodium or gold plating.

Summer type personality

Very light, transparent skin with protruding vessels and blue veins. But there are also women with pronounced blush and olive skin.

The tan lays down easily and the skin becomes velvety-nutty. Hair color can be anything from light to dark, but the shine of the hair never contains red and golden shades. The eyes can be light blue, gray-blue, gray-green, or hazel.

For this type of woman, jewelry inherited bought in antique shops and possessing the charm of antiquity is well suited. For modern jewelry, it is better to choose metals of white and red, bright yellow is not suitable.

Jewelry made of silver, platinum, or rhodium-plated silver will look irresistible. Diamonds will look great.

We recommend purchasing precious and semi-precious stones with cold and muted shades, such as luminous but not bright garnet and ruby, milky-bluish opal, white coral, and light blue shades of aquamarine, gray-green, gray-blue agate, pink or gray pearls …

Autumn type personality

The skin of this type of woman is completely devoid of blush and warm, golden hues, usually, it is dark or yellowish skin.

A tan practically does not stick to such skin. The eyes of women of this type have a bright iris colored in olive, radiant blue, amber, steel gray, dark brown, and golden brown shades. Hair is usually warm tones with reddish tints – from carrot to coppery red or chestnut.

For women of the autumn type, gems with a rich color, but are not very shiny, are suitable: amber, red corals, golden topaz, bright agate, and pearls with a yellow tint.

It is not recommended to wear light-colored metals, there is the opposite, it is recommended to wear red and bright yellow gold.

Winter type personality

The winter type of woman is characterized by a bright contrast. The skin is usually light, bluish-transparent, always in contrast to black or brown hair. A tan does not adhere well to such skin, and the skin is cold, close to porcelain.

The eyes are usually brown, bright gray, black, violet, blue, or ice blue and always contrast with bright whites.

For women of the winter type, precious stones with shine and rich color are excellent.

These can be rock crystal, diamond, bright red ruby, dark green emerald, black onyx, gray, white, or black pearls. Yellow gold is not suitable for the winter type of women. It is recommended to wear jewelry made of silver, platinum, or white gold.

Useful tips from jewelry experts

In order to look great and be stylish, both in your everyday work environment and at a fancy holiday party, heed the following simple, yet interesting, useful expert advice:

  • Classic diamond jewelry will always be in favor. Go for a traditional design.
  • Large hoop earrings will always be popular, however, it is better to choose medium-sized, lighter-weight earrings.
  • Experts are pushing for long chains or necklaces that can be worn at full length, tied in a knot, and wrapped around the neck or wrist like a bracelet.

The main thing, of course: remember that harmony, beauty, and health are very important, both in appearance and in your inner world.

How to wear jewelry correctly

Today the choice of jewelry is quite large: you can pick up jewelry in the oriental style (massive, long “ringing” pendant earrings), made of leather and wood, plastic, felt, with bright rhinestones, stones and ribbons.

However, the question arises about compatibility, compliance with the style, and the event where the jewelry is worn.

Still, it would be a mistake to wear a wooden bracelet, heavy “ringing” earrings, a massive belt, shimmering with rhinestones, and a couple of necklaces with stones and protruding fur for a business meeting.

And for Halloween, in the form of a witch – you will be in the spotlight.

For starters, there shouldn’t be too many decorations. This is the most important rule – do not overdo it with the amount of jewelry. You can stick to the classic rule of three: don’t wear more than three pieces of jewelry at once.

That is either a bracelet, a ring, a chain, or a chain and earrings (other combinations are also possible).

A watch is also considered a decoration.

However, today this rule is not so relevant. If you prefer discreet jewelry, nothing bad will happen if you add a couple of rings to the bracelet and earrings. The danger of looking like a “Christmas tree” can await those who love bright or large jewelry.

Here, it is better not to overdo it with quantity.

Secondly, the choice of jewelry is determined by your style: you wear bright clothes made of rustling, shiny fabrics, open and tight enough, you can choose massive oriental jewelry that will organically fit into your shiny image.

If you prefer more modest styles, then jewelry should be dim, calm, and discreet: not large earrings, thin chains, and bracelets.

The kitsch style presupposes striking jewelry that catches the eye: puffy bracelets and earrings, necklaces made of large bright stones, a combination of contrasting colors, and an abundance of glitter.

Thirdly, you should not wear costume jewelry in combination with real jewelry – it will look vulgar, like any mixture of styles.

Fourthly, jewelry must be selected in accordance with its height and proportions. Large stones look quite ridiculous on little slender girls, just as very thin graceful jewelry can be lost against your background if you are a stout person.

Holders of a long, thin swan neck will suit short necklaces with round delicate gems. They should not wear V-shaped jewelry – they visually lengthen the neck.

For those with short necks, it is preferable to wear chains and necklaces that are at least five centimeters longer than the collarbones. Thus, visually lengthening the neck. For girls with a strong full neck, large chains and necklaces no shorter than 46 cm are suitable.

Avoid short, and especially round, neck jewelry. Those with a thin neck should avoid jewelry that tightly wraps around the neck, as well as heavy and powerful, covering the collarbone. And choose light, flowing jewelry.

Fifth, do not emphasize problem parts of the body with bright jewelry. It is undesirable for a necklace (albeit very beautiful) to attract the eye to a plump short neck, or a large ring to short ugly fingers. In this case, thin, discreet chains and rings are better suited.

Sixth, when putting on jewelry to work, you should choose jewelry of achromatic tones (gray tones, differing in lightness and proximity to white or black) or calm, muted colors. Jewelry should not be conspicuous but designed to emphasize your femininity and style.

If it is a party, a walk, or some other event, then it will be more competent to wear bright, catchy jewelry. All attention will be focused on you! And in the photos you will stand out brightly, attracting the eyes.

Seventh, do not give up jewelry in your daily life. You can quite diversify your everyday look with a pair of bright or large decorations. You will look fresh and attractive.

These recommendations are by no means a set of strict rules that must be memorized and sacredly followed. After all, only you can create your own individual image in which you will feel comfortable. Then the jewelry you have chosen will look original and stylish.