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Rules To Follow in A Drug Detox Center

Rules To Follow in A Drug Detox Center

Admitting that you need help and signing up for drug detox is a step in the right direction. However, it is only the very first step in the recovery process. Attending a drug detox center can offer you a new start in life. You can check out Baton Rouge detox to learn more about effective treatments.

Once you are at the drug detox center, you need to take specific steps to ensure that you take full advantage of the treatment. Every drug detox center will have its own set of rules that you must always follow. Let us look at a few universal rules you need to mind when you are at a drug detox center.

Show Respect to the Community

Before you even step foot inside a drug detox center, you need to realize that everyone at the facility is there for your benefit. Doctors and staff will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the best care. The least you can do is to show respect to the community. This rule is one of the most important ones to follow, and you need to start before you even get to the drug detox center. Make sure that you are aware of your surroundings and that you professionally conduct yourself. This behavior will make it easier for healthcare professionals to help you. It will also help ensure that you have a smooth recovery journey. When you show respect to the community, you will get it right back.

Attend All Sessions and Activities

Your recovery journey will be compelling only if you attend all your sessions. Although sometimes it might seem that some sessions are pointless, you should remember that every session and activity has a purpose. It might be hard to see the immediate benefits of individual sessions, but it is sensible to look at the entire program holistically. No one at the drug detox center is there to waste your time. You will not attend any session that will not benefit you. So, ensure that you follow all the sessions and pay attention.

Total Abstinence from Substances of All Kinds

No drug detox will work if you do not commit. You should do your best to abstain from substances of any kind. This rule is a golden rule that you should never break at any cost. If you fail to follow this rule, you risk losing all the progress that you have made. Days or even weeks of hard work can vanish because of a single moment of weakness. If you ever get urges, immediately reach out to the staff to get help. Never hesitate to seek help. The whole point of you being at the drug detox is to ensure that your needs are taken care of and get the needed support.

Follow the Time Curfews and Movement Restrictions at All Times

If your drug detox center has curfews and movement restrictions, make sure that you follow them religiously. These are essential components of your recovery journey, and you need to pay equal attention to these restrictions. Like everything else at the detox facility, even time curfews, and movement restrictions are set carefully. You should follow these rules to maximize the benefits of your recovery journey.

Carefully Follow the Set Schedule

From breakfast to dinner, you must ensure that you are following your schedule. Attend your sessions on time and be where you are required to be. Following a strict plan will help introduce some discipline in your life. Learning how to discipline yourself is a crucial component in the recovery journey, so you should not take it lightly. If you follow the schedule you have, you will get the most benefit from the detox center.

Follow The House Rules Regarding Electronic Devices and Gadgets

If the drug detox center you will be attending has rules regarding the use of electronic devices like laptops and cell phones, ensure that you follow them. Some detox facilities make you restrict the usage of electronic devices entirely. Depending on the facility and the treatment, this can drastically impact how your recovery journey turns out. Avoiding gadgets would also help you reconnect with your surroundings, and it will help you get back in touch with nature. Amongst other things, drug detox also aims to reintroduce some essential traits that your addiction might have overshadowed. Therefore, do not break these rules because the short-term gratification that you will get from using your phone will not be worth risking your recovery journey.

Be Always Truthful and Honest with Doctors and Staff

Above all, you should always be truthful and honest. The importance of following this rule can never be understated. If you are not honest with the people trying to help you, you will make it exponentially harder for yourself. No matter how bad you think the situation is, it would help if you were always upfront with those taking care of you. Complete transparency will help build trust, and it will ensure that you are receiving the proper treatment. If you share your feelings and emotions honestly, it will help healthcare professionals keep track of your progress. This honesty will also help make changes to your treatment whenever required.

Do Not Develop Romantic Relationships at The Detox Center

Developing a romantic relationship with a fellow patient or even a staff member at the drug detox center is highly inadvisable. Building such a relationship while you are at your most vulnerable will not benefit you or your recovery journey. You need to realize that you will have enough time to explore romantic relationships once you have healed. If you get into a romantic relationship during your stay at the drug detox center, you run the risk of introducing many more problems to your life. Such connections will most likely be counterproductive and will hurt your recovery journey rather than help it.


These are just a few universal rules that you always need to follow. When you go to a drug detox center, you will have detailed instructions that you need to follow. It would be best to ensure that you keep yourself updated with the guidelines. Breaking rules will end up hurting you even more, so you need to ensure that you stay within limits. Understandably, you will have urges at times, but you should seek out help immediately instead of breaking a rule. The fantastic quality of being at a drug detox center is that you will always have access to help.