Russia is interfering in 2020 election to help Donald Trump, intelligence officials tell Congress

BREAKING NEWS: Russia is interfering AGAIN in 2020 election to help Donald Trump get a second term, intelligence officials secretly told Congress

A senior intelligence official told lawmakers that Russia is interfering in the 2020 election to re-elect Donald Trump, it emerged Thursday.

The New York Times revealed that the official was part of a briefing to the House Intelligence Committee, which is chaired by Democratic Trump enemy Adam Schiff, and told lawmakers about Russia’s repeat offending.

Trump was furious when he learned that Schiff had been briefed, believing the information would be used against him.

In the wake of learning that Schiff and other lawmakers had been briefed that intelligence officials believe Russia is trying to aid his re-election, Trump had a furious confrontation with the Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire.

Maguire was replaced Wednesday night by Rick Grenell, Trump’s ultra-loyal ambassador to Germany.

The New York Times said that two Trump officials said the timing was a coincidence and not because of the row about the briefing.