SA police taser man with knife in Rundle Mall, Adelaide

Confronting moment knife-wielding man is tasered by cops on a busy street in front of stunned shoppers

  • Man, 34, tasered in front of stunned Adelaide shoppers
  • He was allegedly wielding a knife near Rundle Mall

A man brandishing a knife has been tasered by police on a busy street with footage capturing the dramatic moment which unfolded in front of stunned shoppers.

CCTV video shows the man holding a blade in his right hand while marching at two South Australian police officers in King William Street in Adelaide’s CBD on Tuesday.

A cool-headed officer then fires his taser and hits the 34-year-old, who was alleged to be carrying the knife in busy Rundle Mall minutes earlier.

A man allegedly holding a knife was tasered by SA police in downtown Adelaide on Tuesday morning when he refused to drop the weapon, police said

The man hits the footpath heavily and appears to wince in pain, as officers move in to disarm him.

SA police said in a statement that patrols were called to the intersection of King William Street and Rundle Mall after reports ‘of a man armed with a knife’ at 10.35am.

Police located the man outside Bean Bar café and told him to drop the knife.

‘He refused to comply with police direction to drop the weapon and the man was tasered by police to safely disarm him so he could be arrested,’ the statement said.

Simon Robinson, the owner of Bean Bar café, told 9News ‘six or seven police cars’ arrived ‘within seconds’ to deal with the man.

Officers were able to safely disarm the man after they tasered him on King William Street

Officers were able to safely disarm the man after they tasered him on King William Street

They were followed five minutes later by two ambulances. 

The man, from Seaview Downs in the city’s south, was taken to Royal Adelaide Hospital for a mental health assessment.

He was charged with aggravated affray and carrying an offensive weapon.

SA police said they expected he would be refused bail ‘once he is deemed fit for custody’.