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‘Sadistic’ thug WATERBOARDED ex-girlfriend to get her to ‘tell the truth’

Sean Simmons (pictured) brandished a knife in his former partner’s face after waterboarding her

A ‘sadistic’ thug who threatened to kill his former partner after tying her to a bath and torturing her by waterboarding has been jailed for four and a half years.

Sean Simmons then threatened to ‘acid-burn’ a new girlfriend’s ‘face off’ when she left him while was on bail.

The 28-year-old also assaulted a police officer while on bail as he resisted arrest and had to be shot with a Taser following a late-night fight in Hull city centre.

He was handed an extended prison sentence at Hull Crown Court yesterday after being classed as a dangerous offender by a judge. 

The waterboarding victim met Simmons in June 2016 after they chatted on Facebook, and the relationship ‘became quickly sexual’, prosecutor Ben Campbell said. 

Simmons spat in her face twice from close range as they lay in bed at 5am on June 26 after finding out she had been talking to a former partner.

He asked if she would ‘play a game’ after a night out on July 29 and, not knowing what he meant, she agreed.

Simmons carried her into the bathroom and used a dressing gown rope to tie her hands to the bath handles.

He placed a bath sheet over her head, tied it tightly and forced her head back, telling her: ‘I’m going to make you tell the truth.’

Simmons (pictured) also threatened to burn a woman's face off with acid while he was on bail

Simmons (pictured) also threatened to burn a woman's face off with acid while he was on bail

Simmons (pictured) also threatened to burn a woman’s face off with acid while he was on bail

Simmons then poured cold water over her face ‘three or four times’ using a Radox bottle. She was struggling to breathe and feared she was going to die, the court heard.

When the waterboarding stopped, the victim was ‘crying uncontrollably’ while Simmons said: ‘Look at me, Look at me’.

Mr Campbell said: ‘She thought he was going to kill her and described seeing pure evil in his eyes. Her hands were still tied at this stage.’

Simmons told the woman: ‘This didn’t have to happen if you told the truth. I can’t let you go now. You’ll go to the police. I’ll have to kill you.’

He then threatened her with a knife held ‘inches from her face’. Released on bail in March last year, Simmons began a relationship with another woman, who also fell victim to his jealous rages.

He began sending abusive messages, and after they split up warned her not to go to a party.

Simmons (pictured) attacked a police officer while resisting arrest and had to be tasered

Simmons (pictured) attacked a police officer while resisting arrest and had to be tasered

When he found her in a hot tub with someone else as he arrived, Simmons said: ‘Who the f*** is that?’

Simmons produced a flick-knife with a three-inch blade, which prosecutors accepted was already at the property, and threatened everyone there with it, saying: ‘I’m going to kill you all.’

In later messages, Simmons said he would ‘stab her mum and her family’, and on December 17 sent a WhatsApp message ‘threatening to acid-burn her face off and slice them implants out of her chest’.

Glenn Parsons, mitigating, said: ‘I can’t put much of a gloss on this conduct. It is appalling.’

Simmons pleaded guilty to common assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, making threats to kill, two malicious communications offences and affray.

He has a history of violence against former partners, including headbutting and biting one and strangling her to unconsciousness, and attacking another while she was pregnant.

Jailing Simmons for four and a half years, Recorder Caroline Wigin told him: ‘Your history shows you to have demonstrated sadistic violence, intimidatory and controlling behaviour to several female partners.

‘You have a history of minimising your culpability for such offending and blaming those partners. I find that you present a significant risk of causing serious harm by committing further specified offences.’

Simmons is the cousin of double murderer Phillip Simmons, who was jailed for at least 36 years last year after killing two men in the yard of his Hull home, nearly decapitating one of them with a spade.