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Safe Gem4me Messenger App Is Conquering the Market

The messenger Gem4me has gone viral in 2021 – by October, it was downloaded and set up more than 20 mln times

The app provides all standard features of a messenger: correspondence and sending voice messages, a large selection of stickers and emojis, as well as the creation of private chats with an unlimited number of participants, all endorsed in the Gem4me reviews.

Hence, it is no surprise that from time to time it is subjected to hacker attacks by its foes. Nevertheless, none of these attacks was able to circumvent the security system of the Get4me messenger, which means that users’ data is under sufficient protection and users should not worry about security issues.

There are generally two types of attacks on the messengers:

  • DDOS – where excessive activity in the application is artificially created, causing the app to work much slower (for example, videos or photos cannot be loaded).  In case the attack is considerable, the service may freeze for a long time.
  • Creation of additional traffic via SMS.  The main challenge in this method is related to the fact that SMS is a paid service: if the protection system does not start working immediately, huge amounts of money could simply be lost.

However, the Gem4me app is thoroughly protected from both types of attacks as well as from many new kinds of possible attacks. The methods of such protection will be discussed below.

Get4me Messenger: 3 levels of protection for the security of operation 

Our three-level protection system effectively prevents attacks and avoids app crashes. Each level works like a clock:

  • The first level of protection: Google ReCaptcha. This is a Google-provided system for protecting websites and mobile applications.  It protects the Gem4me messenger from bots and spam.  The program works in the following way – if any doubt occurs that the device is being controlled by a person, a captcha is displayed on the screen.
  • The second level of protection: Black / White list. It is a self-written algorithm that allows one to monitor user activity.  Based on the underlying analysis, black and white lists are created.  A user from the black list cannot further use the application while he can get banned both for a certain period of time or forever.
  • The third level of protection: One-time code requested via SMS. This one is an encrypted unique identifier: every user receives an exclusive combination of numbers.  The tool for generating the code (the encryption program) is known only to the Gem4me developers. Hence there is no chance that someone else will be able to understand it or capture the code.

This 3-step security system reliably protects the app and the user data. Nevertheless, the developers of the Gem4me messenger invest a lot of resources and time in preventing security issues from arising.  By the end of 2021, according to the Get4me news release, there are plans to develop a mechanism that will manage user sessions and additionally encrypt information. This will help to prevent new and previously unknown types of attacks.