Safety Features of Portable Building Doors

Portable doors are doors that open by sliding from several panels that fold against each other. They are common in modern homes since they are incredibly convenient beautiful, and secure. Most of them are made of aluminum, wood, or glass.

Some homeowners have expressed their security concerns about portable doors.

If installed correctly and equipped with ideal security options, portable doors can offer maximum security compared to regular doors. They require high-tech knowledge to install and uninstall, making them safer for your home and your business premises.


Most portable doors are available in different durable materials such as aluminum, steel, wood, or glass. Most wood doors are used for interior doors such as bathrooms, closets, and doors that separate different rooms.

For exterior doors, many homeowners prefer glass panels that are secure and attractive. The glasses are tough to break, and the doors cannot be levered from the hinges; they are also attached using heavy-duty hinges and triple-laminated glazed glass.

They are sturdy and offer an alternative to the ancient sliding glass door. The aluminum doors can withstand extreme temperature changes throughout the year. They are also thermo-efficient and can withstand strong winds and gusts.

Locking Systems

Most portable doors come with a multipoint locking system and tracking systems, making it hard for thieves to remove the door without removing the tracks themselves. These doors use different locks such as twin point, childproof lock, drop bolt, and keyed locks which are all options to increase your home security.

Drop bolts offer a higher degree of security, but they are bulky and not suitable as the sole source of protection—childproof locks, lock by slipping over the top of the door to prevent your children from opening it.

Keyed locks are the most commonly used on portable doors and are suitable for increased security. This multipoint locking option means that the intruder must lift the door panel out of the frame, which will require extensive professional skills in Transportable doors.

It is easier for buglers’ to break into a regular door than the portable ones. The movable doors always require professional installation by experienced technicians, making it hard for a security breach.

Additional security details

Most portable doors allow you to add more security features such as security screens, door alarms, additional deadbolts, and Drop bolt locks. If you are concerned about your portable door’s security, you can add other features to address the issue.

Portable doors come fitted with study glass panes that prevent intruders from breaking the glass. The glasses are constantly reinforced with double glazing and shutter-proof for extra security.

Portable door security screen

For extra security, portable doors allow you to install a security screen on the external doors. The screen is mesh doors installed behind or in front of your portable door, and they are common in warm countries where homeowners prefer to keep their doors open at night.

They are ideal for keeping the rear of your house secure and beautiful. Screen doors can be used alongside other security systems; however, these may be necessary unless you live in a high crime rate area.

Using portable doors could be the answer to your security concerns.

However, before buying and installing a movable door, ensure that you consult a skilled technician. Ensure you buy a high-quality door that can withstand harsh climatic conditions as well as pressure from thieves and intruders.

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