Salesforce provides numerous opportunities

Salesforce provides numerous opportunities, but if you want to enjoy all of them, it is important to keep your information uncluttered and organized. To be on the same page with your employees in the sales department, you should manage the data properly.

Do Businesses Benefit from Cleaning the Data?

Various studies suggest that the database of a single company might contain up to 22% of unnecessary and copied information. Other professionals claim that the number is higher, and about 30% of the data should be removed or cleaned to avoid issues and errors.

Such data stockpiling is damaging for the company, and it even affects the interactions with customers. By installing Salesforce duplicate management, you are guaranteed to reduce the amount of labor, effort, and time spent on cleaning the data.

The Most Efficient Method of Cleaning the Data Is Using the Salesforce Duplicate Management

The issue of combining two and more Salesforce files has been relevant for quite some time. With the aim of solving this problem, the Salesforce Duplicate Management system was developed.

  • The files can be merged one by one, or you can combine a couple of them at the same time. The duplicated files can be looked up to be blended into one;
  • You can manage the data stored in Accounts, Contact List, and Leads. In the future, more objects will be available for de-duplication. With this feature, you will be able to de-duplicate singular files and groups of objects;
  • You can insert a special identifier into the Salesforce Duplicate Management application to look for certain files. This way, all the necessary documents will be discovered automatically;

When the combining process is over, you will be able to access the newly originated document. There, the information about the de-duping of these files will be stored.

The Positive Effects of Working with the Salesforce Duplicate Management

Previously, dealing with the increasing number of doubled and multiplied files was very difficult and time-consuming. Thanks to Salesforce Duplicate Management, this process has become automated, quick, and extremely simple.

Many users insert new contacts and accounts without searching for already created ones beforehand.

With this application, you will not have to worry about completely identical records piling up. With the application running, you can be sure that your company’s data is being renewed and cleaned continuously, providing a smooth operation.

If you want to learn more about incorporating the Salesforce Duplicate Management solutions, you can look through the information about the application release here.