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Sandals: the perfect shoe for every one

It has always been said that change is the most constant thing in the world. In terms of footwear that is actually true because there has never been a time when shoes have become this specialized. There are shoes you can go with to the office, to church and yet some shoe types are only reserved for indoors. It is interesting to note however that the sandal is the most versatile shoe that has ever been made.

Did you ever imagine sandals that can have shoelaces? That is a new trend and some people are going out of their way to acquire a pair. Well, while some people like the Greek have been known to wear sandals throughout their history, it is highly unlikely that you will find someone in a suit with sandals on. Actually, that would be a fashion crime!

How then is the best way to wear sandals? Here are a few scenarios

For men – you have just come from work and taken a shower. Instead of wearing slippers around the house, why not put on a pair of sandals. They are just as comfortable as any other house shoes and when it is not cold, will provide the much needed ventilation for your feet. Sandals are also a great shoe choice when your friends have invited you over for a barbeque, since they are not as serious and can be worn with any casual look. Is your car up for service? That pair of sandals is a good idea now that you want the day to be laid back and are not up for any serious dressing up.

For women – it is no secret that women are obsessed with shoes. Look through the closet of the average modern woman and chances are that every dress in there has a matching pair of shoes to accompany it. Well, what about the sandals? If you have a dress down day at the office, you can put on a pair of jeans, simple top and sandals. How simple can that be? This is the time to go all out with the sandals you buy. You can pick out a couple of simple pairs but a few extraordinary ones will do you some justice. Just imagine a sandal that is knee length high and has eyelets for sandals through which to fasten a shoe string – the perfect pair of shoe for to wear with a knee-length summer dress.

Did you know there were high heeled sandals? These are perfect for a night out to dinner or dancing. Depending on the color, shape and style, a sandal with a high heel can even be worn to the office.

For children – children will more or less wear what the adults around them are wearing. Unlike adults though, children are not bound by strict dressing rules. Most kid’s sandals are unisex and are the perfect play shoes for the children. They are not only light to run around with but most are easy to wear and remove.

Did you know that you can customize the sandals worn by your children? If you bought unisex sandals for all your children for instance, an interesting home craft idea would be to cut out shapes to stick on the sandals.

The sandal is obviously not going away anytime soon so it is best to jump onto this fashion bandwagon. A pair to cool your legs right after getting to the office in high heels or to run errands around town is a great idea to keep your feet adequately aerated.

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