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Savage mutt owned by rescue centre boss bit off chunk of two-year-old girl’s NOSE

Little Alice Eady (pictured above) had part of her nose bitten off at the rescue centre in Essex

A two-year-old girl had part of her nose bitten off by a dog which was ‘running loose’ at a rescue centre.

Little Alice Eady was visiting the AA Dog Rescue Centre in Essex with her parents when she was attacked by the small-cross breed.

Her mother, Olivia Frances-Snook had been filling out the paper work when a loose dog bounded over and jumped on the toddler before biting off part of her nose.

The family later learned that the dog belonged to Karen James, one of the owners of the rescue centre. However it was not an AA-rescue dog.

The actual attack happened at the rescue centre’s premises at Oldfield Lodge, Latchingdon, Essex, according to courts papers.

The 22-year-old mother-of-three said they had originally travelled to the rescue centre to adopt a pooch they had seen online.

Ms Snook said: ‘After toing and froing, we went to view the dog but when we got there the dog wasn’t there but they said we could look around at their other dogs. We didn’t want to have a wasted day so we went round.

‘When it happened I was filling out paperwork because we had seen a dog we wanted to rehome.

‘There were dogs running around and they had been put away a couple of times and someone put them away.

‘Someone had let them back out again and one of them approached my daughter and she turned around to say hi and it just jumped at her.’

After being attacked by the dog Alice's parents rushed her to hospital and it was originally feared she may have to have reconstructive surgery

After being attacked by the dog Alice’s parents rushed her to hospital and it was originally feared she may have to have reconstructive surgery

The small dog was running around the rescue centre in Basildon, Essex when it jumped up at the girl and bit her nose and mouth.

Alice cried out in pain as her horrified parents rushed to her aid.

Ms Snook added: ‘I just felt shocked. I didn’t know how bad it was. My partner Zach was shouting: ‘She’s missing part of her face.’

‘We took her outside and there was so much blood I couldn’t see how bad it was.

‘One person threw a towel over her and said she was fine. Someone else came up to us and said she might need a tetanus.

Karen James (pictured above), one of the owners of the rescue centre - was ordered to pay £250 in compensation

Karen James (pictured above), one of the owners of the rescue centre – was ordered to pay £250 in compensation

‘A small triangle of her nose was taken off and the hospital said they were going to clean it up.

‘Alice wasn’t being a nuisance, she was well-behaved and didn’t provoke the dog.’

The family went to hospital but were allowed home that night. They returned the next day in order for the doctor to check on the youngster. 

However, the doctors decided the wounds needed stitching and the parents were later told that Alice may even need reconstructive surgery.

Alice Eady

Alice Eady

Alice had been waiting for her mother to complete paper work when the dog jumped up and bit her leaving her with injuries to her nose and mouth (left and right)

Ms Snook said: ‘She just had a face full of stitches, it was awful to see her like that. Because her cartilage was showing they had to stitch it up.’ 

Olivia claimed that there was nothing to say families and young children could not visit the rescue centre and said she would never let Alice pet a dog she didn’t know.

Following the horrific incident, the little girl who once loved dogs has become fearful of them and cries if she hears any dog barking.

Her mum said: ‘She will still say: ‘I love dogs mummy’ but if she sees a dog she won’t go up to them. If she hears barking she cries.

‘My mum has four dogs and Alice has grown up around them but she’s slightly wary of them now. One time they starting barking and she screamed and cried.’

The incident has now come to light after Ms Snook shared a post detailing her daughter’s injuries on social media.

At Chelmsford Crown Court on January 4, 2019, Karen James, 49, of Latchingdon, received a 12 month community order for being the owner of a dog out of control which caused injury.

She was also made to pay £250 in compensation, £85 for the victim surcharge and was made subject to a condition of residence. 

AA Dog Rescue insisted that the the company had moved sites and that people attended their old Latchingdon site by mistake.

They said the incident happened on a ‘private site with a private dog’ and had ‘nothing to do’ with the business.




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