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Schoolgirls are investigated by police after filming themselves at McDonald’s drive-thru for TikTok - The #1 Luxury Dating Site - The #1 Luxury Dating Site

‘Idiotic’ 13-year-old girls at the centre of a TikTok scandal are under police investigation after filming themselves ordering in a McDonald’s drive-thru

  • Three schoolgirls made a TikTok video where a thirteen-year-old is driving
  • They filmed themselves behind the wheel ordering at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru 
  • The teens are in uniforms from Melbourne’s prestigious St Catherine’s School
  • Victoria Police said it’s ‘alarming’ to see underage drivers without seat belts 

Three private schoolgirls who filmed themselves at a McDonald’s drive-thru and shared it to TikTok are under police investigation for their ‘idiotic’ behaviour. 

The clip showed students from Melbourne’s prestigious St Catherine’s School driving through what appeared to be the Prahran fast food restaurant, in the city’s south-east.  

Victoria Police said the school reported the video, which was uploaded to one of the girls’ social media accounts before being deleted. 

‘It is alarming to see underage drivers behind the wheel of the car and not wearing seatbelts,’ Victoria Police said.

‘This behaviour is idiotic and will not be taken lightly.’

Police will be in contact with the girls, their families and school. They say young people are three times more likely to be killed in a collision. 

Emojis were used in the video in an attempt to cover the St Catherine’s emblem on two of the girls, but it was visible as they moved around.

St Catherine’s is an independent Christian day and boarding school for girls that describes itself as ‘committed to nurturing and empowering independent and globally responsive young women’. 

The school charges over $33,000 for students to attend Year 7. 

The TikTok clip showed the schoolgirls in the front seat of a car giggling as they made their way through the drive-thru without seat belts. 

 A thirteen-year-old drove her friends through a McDonald’s drive-thru in Prahan (pictured), Melbourne for a TikTok video

The unlicensed driver was reported to be no older than thirteen, according to the Herald Sun.  

The teen behind the wheel told her friends: ‘Guys, I know how to drive. I’m not even pressing the pedal because I don’t need to.’ 

Her friends then repeatedly yelled for her to brake, to which she replied: ‘I don’t need to brake yet’.

St Catherine’s said they are aware of the video and released a statement from deputy principal Robert Marshall.

‘The school is aware of an isolated incident that occurred outside of school hours involving three students. This incident occurred while they were under the supervision of a family guardian,’ Mr Marshall said. 

‘As this remains a private matter for the families involved, the school will not comment any further at this time.’  

The three St Catherine's students filmed at McDonald's Prahran in Melbourne's south-east

The three St Catherine’s students filmed at McDonald’s Prahran in Melbourne’s south-east 

It is believed a family member was in the backseat of the car, but they could not be seen in the video. 

The footage went on to show a quick argument over who would order, before the three girls delivered a popular social media chant.

‘Can I get a Big Mac, super serve of fries, why are you staring at me please go get my apple pies,’ they said.  

They proceeded to ask for four Big Macs, 20 chicken nuggets, three large chips, a McFlurry and a chocolate milkshake.

The video ended with the drive-thru attendant asking: ‘Was that a medium?’ 

The road laws in Victoria state that a driver must be at least 16 and pass a learner driving test before being eligible to get behind the wheel. 

A learner must also only drive with a fully licensed adult in the passenger seat with them.


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