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Schoolteacher involved in terrifying road rage incident spoke up about the details of the attack.

A schoolteacher at the centre of a terrifying road rage attack where a truck driver smashed up her car with a hammer told of the moment he made a chilling threat. 

Driver Leigh Mahady and her friend were driving along the Tullamarine Freeway, in Melbourne, on Saturday at about 1.10pm.

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And as the truck driver began tailgating and beeping his horn, he put his finger across his throat to indicate she was ‘about to die’.

Driver Leigh Mahady, 62, and Julie Dougherty, 60, (pictured) were victims of a road rage incident along the Tullamarine Freeway in Melbourne 

Two elderly women were involved in a violent road rage involving a truck driver in Victoria

Two elderly women were involved in a violent road rage involving a truck driver in Victoria

Ms Mahady said she was driving at 80km/h on the freeway and she couldn’t help but notice that the truck driver was following her very closely.  

The aggressive driver rammed the car for a second time before pulling in front, according to reports.

By this point, Ms Mahady said she was still able to stay in the lane despite knowing that he already damaged her car. 

After the first hit, the truck driver hit her car two more times before he eventually overtook her vehicle. 

Ms Mahady’s passenger friend, on the other hand, was simply terrified at the situation that was unfolding.

After getting hit repeatedly, Ms Mahady decided to take note of the driver’s number plate. Then she decided to follow the truck driver and wait for him to come to a stop. 

Investigators have been told the truck then hit the side of the car, pushing it towards a concrete barrier causing damage to the tyres, side mirror and doors.

When Ms Mahady got out of the car to get the truck driver’s number plate, the truckie also pulled over and approached them with a hammer and a stick.

Ms Mahady said that the driver pushed her while her friend tried to run off. However, she also added that the driver then pushed her friend into a ditch and threatened her with his hammer.

Ms Mahady told the driver that she had taken note of his number plate details.

He responded by taking away her friend’s phone to ensure that the police would not be contacted. Later on, however, he gave the phone back to her.  

According to police statement, the truckie told the women to get back in the car and then proceeded to strike the vehicle multiple times, causing further damage. It was then that man lost control of the hammer and it fell into the back seat as the women reversed away.

The violent road rage occurred on the Tullamarine Freeway in Melbourne on Saturday about 1.10pm

The violent road rage occurred on the Tullamarine Freeway in Melbourne on Saturday about 1.10pm

The women drove to the Sunbury police station to report the matter.

Since the incident, Ms Mahady said she was coping well from the traumatising experience. 

Her friend, however, was very upset and sought further counselling offered by the police. 

When asked about the man, Mrs Mahady told The Age, ‘He has got serious anger problems and if you can do that to two women, I’d hate to see what he’s doing to other people in his life’. 

‘I’m not a vengeful person, but he should be made accountable,” She added.  

The truckie is believed to be of Middle Eastern appearance with a slight accent, is in his late 20s, has curly short black hair, is approximately 160cm tall and was wearing a top with ‘Eden’ written on it.

Victorian police have released an image of the truck allegedly involved in the incident and are seeking any information or dash camera footage of the incident.

Police also gave out the truck’s registration number to 3AW Radio to help spread word on the incident.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.



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