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Secrata security platform

Human is always trying to find ways for better and easiest ways in order to achieve maximum benefit. Topia Technology was created by the federal aviation authority, US Army, Transportation Security Authority and the United States Air Force and in 1999 and has spent 10 years safely handling data in complex, distributable settings.

Secrata seems to be the only corporate security platform with three encryption techniques, isolation, and identification, making it impervious to brute-force attack assaults and other advanced security risks. Secrata gives all corporate data a new level of security, confidentiality, and accountability.

Strong performance metrics complemented each of the consumers needed safety. The experienced engineering teams and creative ideas of Topia addressed these issues. Topia has built its war-tested safety platform with this expertise in high security, high-performance settings. The Secrata platform offers unparalleled expansion, flexibility, safety and performance.

SDFS may make use of Topia Technology’s Secrata Enterprise Platform’s secure data transmission mechanisms. The fragmentation of digital materials into distinct bits and the use of various encryption levels are all part of such approaches. Mechanisms to guarantee that pieces are secured but only users of a certain container may use them.

Designers can safely and efficiently transmit digital assets among members of their decentralized apps by integrating blockchain protocols, peer-to-peer data transfers, and Secratai’s data security technology. The blockchain keeps a decentralized digital record of all transmission of data and guarantees that only authorised users have control of assets being transferred from across platforms.

Secrata is a trademarked technique for end-to-end data shredding and encryption in the cloud, Big Data, and cellular settings. As it’s the only encryption-enabled triple-layer business security solution. Segregation is also end-to-end, guarding against brute-force assaults as well as more advanced security concerns. Secrata also provides a new degree of data protection, confidentiality, and accountability, independent of where it is kept or accessible.

Topia Coin

Topia Coin is an emerging technology in the field of crypto-currency and this is the point where the future can greatly rely upon. It is known to be the “new cryptocurrency” in modern times. If we talk about the challenges faced by crypto servers that are totally cloud-based, we will come to know that the security of such a system is still a great danger.

If the centralized maintenance is made successful this can be a milestone for maintaining the transactions of finance related to blockchain. A financial transaction should be strong and fast enough to eliminate any kind of suffering and these are already a subject of latencies of a network.

In this technology, SDFS supporting network works in which the end-users are set free from running the blockchain individually. The fees come to the part of replicate on-node-data or the blockchain of hosts. Those nodes due to any reason who cannot participate are likely to lose their tokens.

Topia Coin Technology

The SDFS network will give a point-to-point, secure, micro network-based data layer for the applications which are decentralized, enabling interchange of information across application instances throughout a decentralized network.

There are some micro-networks that allow digital assets and data to be sent to other application-based instances in a secure way. This can be done using top-notch encryption technology- Topia technology. This makes that the data is only accessible to those instances who seek it.

The network is a support network for many micro-instances or networks that are hosting or providing replication services. These SDFS provides peer to peer networking among instances saving resources and providing more efficiency. One thing that Topia coin technology provides is highly secure transactions which make it a base for future decisions in the field of cryptocurrency.

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