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Secret Netflix codes for Australian viewers are revealed

Secret Netflix codes revealed: How to unlock ‘hidden’ movie and TV show categories – and it will change the way you use the service forever

  • Codes allow viewers to see thousands of sub-genres on streaming service 
  • All users have to do is change the number on the end of the ‘genre’ URL
  • Niche categories available include zombie horror or Korean TV shows

A secret list of Netflix codes that help Australians find their favourite movies and television shows more easily has been revealed. 

From classic adventure, spy thrillers or mockumentaries, the codes allow you to access thousands of hidden genre categories.

There are more than 27,000 secret codes which make finding the perfect movie much easier. 

A secret list of Netflix codes has been revealed, helping you watch your favourite TV shows and films

All you have to do is change the numerical code on the end of the ‘genre’ into the URL.

The codes are designed to be used on the web browser. 

When you open the browser type in: 

You then replacing the ‘xxxx’ with the number that corresponds to the Netflix subcategory. 

There are the normal mass appeal categories – from romantic comedies (5475) and political dramas (6616) to baseball movies (12339) and crime documentaries (9875).

But if you have more specific tastes, you can search for 20th century period pieces with Meryl Streep (74188) or zombie horror movies (75405) using the extended list.  

The weird, wonderful and extremely specific categories are available in Netflix's vast catalogue, including the TV show The Good Place (pictured)

The weird, wonderful and extremely specific categories are available in Netflix’s vast catalogue, including the TV show The Good Place (pictured)

How the secret codes work? 

To browse Netflix with codes the URL will come up like this:… 

To browse Netflix Stand up comedy : 

A comprehensive list has been compiled by the team at comparison website WhistleOut.   

Netlix has about 15.74 million Australian customers, rising by 5.9 per cent in three months, according data from Roy Morgan. 

The secret codes have been at the perfect time as streaming becomes even more popular with all services cashing in on the coronavirus lockdown orders.

Foxtel experienced its best growth for many years with over 5.5 million viewers, up 3.6 per cent since the pre-COVID-19 period. 

Also growing strongly during lockdown have been third-placed Stan which increased users by 9.7 per cent to 4,434,000 viewers, newcomer Disney+ which was up 38.2 per cent. 

Netflix genre codes:

 Action and Adventure – 1365

Classic action and adventure – 46576

Action comedies – 43040

Action thrillers – 43048

Adventures – 7442

Children & Family Movies – 783

Education for kids – 10659

Disney – 67673

Family features – 51056

TV cartoons – 11177

Kids TV – 27346

Classic Movies – 31574

Classic comedies – 31694

Classic dramas – 29809

Classic thrillers – 46588

Film noir – 7687

Comedies – 6548

Dark comedies – 869

Mockumentaries – 26

Stand up comedy – 11559

Documentaries – 6839

Crime documentaries – 9875

Historical documentaries – 5349

Science and nature documentaries – 2595

TV Shows – 83

British TV shows – 52117

Food & Travel TV – 72436

Reality TV – 9833

Korean TV shows – 67879

Dramas – 5763

Crime dramas – 6889

Period pieces – 12123

Tearjerkers – 6384

Horror Movies – 8711

B-horror movies – 8195

Teen screams – 52147

Independent Movies – 7077

Experimental movies – 11079

Independent comedies – 4195

Romantic Movies – 8883

Romantic favourites – 502675

Quirky romance – 36103

Romantic comedies – 5475

Thrillers – 8933

Gangster movies – 31851

Mysteries – 9994

Spy thrillers – 9147

Zombie horror movies – 75405

LGBTQ Movies – 5977

Gay and lesbian comedies – 7120

Gay and lesbian documentaries – 4720