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Secure Your Home with Veti Smart Lock by Lockibly!!

Do you also twice check the door lock before leaving your house? This is a pretty common thing, and it happens almost with everyone. The main reason behind this is not having the proper door lock. Yes, mistakes commonly happen with mechanical locks or those locks that are opened through keys!!

You may have already heard about the digital lock system. Nowadays most people use these kinds of locks to secure their houses. So, today we are going to tell you about a digital lock known as Veti smart lock. This amazing product is by Lockibly, and it has many fantastic features such as fingerprint access and passcode.

Let’s know more about this incredible product,

VETI Smart Lock With Passcode

Leave the ordinary way to open a door, and try this new era lock. Yes, now stop wasting time searching your house keys in your bag. Just tap your finger on the lock, and your door will open. This smart lock features 4-way access, which means you can open your door in 4 different ways. What are they? Let’s know:

1. Fingerprint

The first way to open it is by fingerprint. Fast and convenient. It’s just like the way you’re unlocking your mobile. Yes, it has a 99.9% accuracy rate, so the scanner is able to scan your finger in just a few milliseconds. Do you know it can register upto 30 fingerprints?

2. Safe Passcode

There is also a passcode screen. On that, just dial your pin, and you’re in. The Veti software is very safe, as every single digital opening is verified through Veti’s system.

3. Bluetooth

It can register up to 145 Bluetooth users!! Just use the Veti smart lock app and unlock your door on your mobile with bluetooth. How amazing and easy is that?

4. Mechanical lock

If you want to open your door in an older way, don’t worry, it also comes with a mechanical lock & key.

Let’s tell you about some more features of this wonderful lock,

  • Smart LED Indicator

In the night due to lack of light source, many of you might have faced difficulty in unlocking your door. You don’t face the same problem again because this smart lock comes with a LED ring, which lights up when you put your finger at the sensor, and also, the numbers light up when touch is detected on the passcode screen.

  • Easily Accessible

Veti offers one-time access with the passcode feature, whereas you can easily add or remove multiple users with the bluetooth & fingerprint feature.

Why Should You Buy Veti Smart Lock?

Below are some reasons that make this lock different from the rest of the other locks.

  • Durable Material

You don’t have to worry about the durability of the product. It is made of solid stainless steel, and behind the number plate and fingerprint sensor, there is an additional layer of metal to ensure it’s durability.

  • Compatible with Any Door!

No matter whether your door is left-handed or right-handed, it can be placed on any door. This lock is suitable for any door with a thickness between 38mm-42mm.

  • Easy Installation

Another advantage of this lock is the easy installation process. So, forget those locks which require wiring and drilling. Veti smart locks can be placed on any door just with the help of a screwdriver.

  • Weather Resistance & Long Battery Life

You don’t have to worry about whether your lock will work properly in extreme weather conditions or not. This amazing lock can work in temperatures ranging from -20 to 60 degrees (Celcius). And also, it has 365 days of battery life!! It has a 4x AAA battery, which can last upto a year.

What Do People Think of Veti Smart Lock?

Here are some public reviews (taken by the official site of Lockibly) by which you will know how many people like it. They first buy it then use it and love it!!

“This lock is absolutely great. I Love it. I had enough with carrying keys, and I love coming home and just touching this handle to unlock it as I walk in. It’s pretty effortless. Thanks for making an awesome lock Lockibly.” By Maverick

This is the most advanced lock I have ever seen so far. Having all the different ways to access the door is great; the fingerprint, the code & Bluetooth through the app all work pretty seamlessly. Pretty easy to install too.” – By Kelvin

What else do you need in a lock? This lock comes with a package of benefits. So, secure your home with Veti smart lock and leave worries behind. You can also track from its app who opened it. You can visit for more details and place your order.