See Eddie Jones’ shocking foul-mouthed outburst about Wales as it comes back to haunt him after the Dragons smashed his Wallabies out of the World Cup

An offensive comment made by Eddie Jones about Wales has come back to bite him after the Wallabies were hammered by the Dragons and left needing a miracle to avoid being dumped out of the World Cup.

Jones landed himself in hot water in 2018 when a video emerged of himself referring to Wales as a ‘little s**t place’ – and Welsh rugby fans have been quick to remind the Wallabies coach of his comments after the Aussies were smashed 40-6 in Lyon.

The video recorded in 2017, when Jones was coaching England, shows him giving a talk on leadership for Fuso, the Japanese parent company of then-England sponsor Mitsubishi. 

Jones refers to the Irish as ‘scummy’ and then insults the Welsh while talking about losing to them while he was coaching Japan’s national team.

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‘Is there anyone from Wales here?’ he asks the audience.

‘So it is this little s**t place that has got three million people. Three million! Japan has got how many, 125 million people.

‘So Japan is the size of this table, and that is Wales [pointing at a glass of water].’

Jones apologised for his offensive comments in 2018 and admitted his choice of words during the talk was inexcusable, saying he was ‘very sorry’.

After the Aussies humiliating 40-6 defeat to Wales in Lyon on Monday, some Welsh fans chose to remind Jones of his earlier remarks.

‘Hey Eddie, congrats on your jumped up convict colony getting stuffed by ‘a little s**t place. Enjoy the flight home, b***end,’ ‘ wrote one Welsh X user.

Welsh rugby fans were quick to remind Jones of his offensive comments after the Wallabies were hammered by their team (pictured, dejected Aussie stars after the loss)

Jones apologised for the remarks he made in 2018, calling his choice of words inexcusable

Jones apologised for the remarks he made in 2018, calling his choice of words inexcusable

Another commented: ‘He called Wales a ‘little s**t place’ so no sympathy. Glad to see the smile wiped off his face tbh. Its only a game but its nice to win.’

Meanwhile, axed Wallabies skipper Michael Hooper also leapt to the defence of the coach, telling Stan Sport: ‘A lot [of criticism] is going to come on Eddie, and maybe there’s some fairness in that.

‘But I’ve been in the camp. No one is up for more hours than Eddie. Eddie is up until 11pm thinking about how to make the Wallabies team better, and he’s waking up at 3am answering messages.

‘There’s no lack of desire from that guy to make that team the best it can be. People will come under fire – players first, coaches, coaches staff, the greater wider rugby community – but let’s pull the breaks off Eddie.’

He added: ‘Players, coaches, they’re putting their n**s on the line … Let’s not have a crack at the bloke.’

But another axed player – five-eighth Bernard Foley – appeared to whack Jones when he tweeted: ‘It didn’t have to be like this.

‘Players have always put in.’

The Wallabies will play their final World Cup match against Portugal this coming Sunday (2.45am Monday AEST).