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SeekaHost offers Bloggers Cheap Domain Names and WordPress Hosting via  

SeekaHost offers Bloggers Cheap Domain Names and WordPress Hosting via   

The leading WordPress hosting services provider SeeksHost launched its news web hosting control panel in 2020.

The was initiated by top digital entrepreneur and CEO of SeekaHost Fernando Raymond. If you’re a blogger and you are yet to hear about Fernando, it means you’ve not been active in the blogosphere.

For those of you who have not heard of Fernando Raymond before, he is a British digital entrepreneur based in the UK’s capital London. As the CEO of SeekaHost, a global web hosting services company, and ClickDo™, a bespoke SEO and Online Marketing Services agency, he cares about bloggers worldwide because that’s how he got started.

Did you know that out of the currently 1.7 billion websites live on the internet, 600 million are blogs according to Growthbadger? And the market is growing.

Fernando recognized the potential of a blog when he started out in the SEO and online marketing business over 10 years ago. He understands how crucial it is to have a blog or website that ticks all the boxes in SEO. But find out more about why he has undertaken a mission to help millions of people to get online fast via the and how you can benefit too.

How does Fernando Raymond’s drive to make Domain Registration and Web Hosting cheap and easy with SeekaPanel enable everyone to get online in minutes?

Fernando started out as an SEO consultant and because of his huge passion for teaching others SEO skills and helping them rank their websites, he invested in creating SeekaHost University, an online educational platform, to provide hands-on SEO expertise in the digital sphere with insights into entrepreneurship, personal branding, blogging, and SEO best practices.

Having worked with and consulted hundreds of business owners with regards to their online presence and web properties, Fernando realized the importance of high-quality web hosting. So, he founded SeekaHost and has invested in building an innovative WordPress hosting control panel, known as Seekapanel, that anyone can use to get online easily with a self-hosted WordPress blog or website in a matter of a few minutes.

Anyone can sign up for free to the SeekaPanel via the dedicated portal, which is a WordPress hosting platform that offers everything needed to create and manage a WordPress blog or website. Users can register a domain in under one minute or host their site in less than 4 minutes. The panel is extremely convenient for webmasters managing several websites as they can access web hosting plans, including data trackers and addons, with various other tools in one dashboard.

As a passionate blogger one may want to build and manage blogs and websites at scale as a business and the SeekaPanel is specifically designed for such complex demands.

SeekaPanel was conceptualized by the top digital entrepreneur Fernando Raymond after becoming personally frustrated with the complicated control panels available everywhere. He wanted to create something that even a newbie can use without any tutorial and SeekaPanel is the result of this endeavor.

The best thing is that you can host a WordPress site for free using the 7-day trial. So, if you’re happy with the services and features after 7 days, you will have the option to purchase the paid hosting services of your choice to continue at extremely competitive rates.

Easy & Quick Steps to Register Cheap Domain Names Easily via the SeekaPanel

While many registrars have surprisingly low initial prices for domain name registration, the catch is that you’ll be made to pay a lot more for the subsequent renewal. However, SeekaHost has a different approach and a straightforward pricing system that does not in any way inconvenience or confuse the customers.

You can purchase a domain name for just $4.99 within the SeekaPanel. So, follow the below steps to register a new domain and simply enter your desired domain name in the provided search box and click on “search”. If the domain name is available, then click on “Add To Cart”. Go to the shopping cart and click on “Checkout”.

Several hosts provide WordPress hosting platforms, however, the simplicity of the SeekaPanel is unmatched, and it offers the easiest and fastest hosting solution. And you can easily transfer your existing domains from the previous host to SeekaHost all for free with the help of customer support.

The best part is that SeekaPanel affords you free access to tutorials on WordPress blog building and SEO, so all the help you need to get online will be freely available to you.

Don’t get left behind in the online success race. Utilize the internet business opportunities the virtual world offers and get online now.

Get started by turning that idea into an online business and SeekaHost will surely offer all the help you’ll need to turn your website into a thriving business.