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Sendible vs Agorapulse. Which is best for Social media management?

Social media is a global giant in this day and age. With more than half of the world’s whole population using social media actively, social media has impacted our whole lives. The majority of people spend at least some time on social media on a daily basis. Social media has its own pros and cons but there are many good purposes it can be used for.

One of those purposes is Social Media Marketing. Brands are shifting over to social media platforms for growing business and promotional purposes. Many small startups and individuals to have followed to lead as it is an easier and cheaper substitute to the conventional methods. However, managing the whole campaign in long term by oneself can get really hard. To solve this problem, there are multiple social media management tools. Here is a comparison between two of the best of them, AgoraPulse and Sendible.

Features And Details

AgoraPulse provides social media marketing management services. One of its major features is a common dashboard to manage different social media platforms. It also provides post scheduling and you can schedule posts across all platforms. There is a content calendar for organized scheduling and management. You also get a common inbox to manage customer feedback from all the profiles. It has an inbox filter that keeps out spams and unwanted messages. You can have a look at this detailed review of Agorapulse at

A great feature you get with AgoraPulse is Customer Relationship Management that gives an insight into your audience i.e. their categorization, organization, and their interactions about your brand.

It also assists in content creation by suggesting trending topics, hashtags, and keywords.

Sendible has most of the features that AgoraPulse has. There is a similar shared dashboard to make posting across multiple platforms easy. There is a shared inbox as well for managing and replying to customer response. There is no filter to keeps spam and unwanted messages out. Sendible provides post scheduling too and supports bulk scheduling too.

Like AgoraPulse, CRM is present here as well and so is content keywords suggestion.

Target Demographic

Both AgoraPulse and Sendible are targeted at a similar group of customers. Their services are best suited for small to mid-sized businesses and enterprises along with digital agencies and digital marketing teams. AgoraPulse is not recommended for individuals because neither are they designed for individuals nor are big features like these two required for an individual. However, Sendible has a plan for solos that can be beneficial for individuals.

Plans And Pricing

AgoraPulse can’t be used for free has a total of four plans.

First up is the Medium plan. Here, a maximum of 10 profiles of different platforms can be connected along with an allowance of up to two users. It includes all the features mentioned before. It is priced at $79 per month.

Second is the Large plan. Here, you can connect 25 profiles with 4 users being allowed. It adds features like ad monitoring, 1-hour frequency of Twitter sync, and lets you store a history of up to 24 months. It costs $159 per month.

The third X-large plans bring you 40 profiles and 8 users allowance. New additions are dedicated account management and priority direct support. It is priced at $239 per month.

The fourth plan is the Enterprise plan. Here you get 60 profiles and 20 users. It is priced at $399.

Both provide a free trial of any plan for users before buying.

Sendible too has four paid plans:

  1. First is Starter, priced $29 per month. 1 user is allowed 12 profiles here. The limit of reports is 8.
  2. In the second plan, Traction, 3 users are given 48 profiles. The limit of reports is 15. The price of this plan is $99 per month.
  3. The third plan is Growth where you get 105 profiles with 7 users limit. You can build up to 35 reports. Its price is $199 per month.
  4. The last plan is Large where 12 users are allowed to connect 192 profiles and build 60 reports. It is priced at $299 per month.


The platforms that AgoraPulse supports are; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin.

Sendible supports profiles from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Canva, WordPress.

Both are available for Android, iOs, and Windows.

Customer Support

Both of the services are liked among the masses which is why they are so popular. They both provide great customer service where users can directly email or call the support staff. AgoraPulse and Sendible have both scored 4.5 out of 5 in terms of customer support on popular software review website Capterra.

AgoraPulse and Sendible are two of the most popular social management tools today. Both have their own differences and qualities and prove to be equally good in all the areas. Proving one superior wasn’t the exact motive of this writing either. Instead, it is an elaborate comparison with help of which you can decide what suits you better.