Set up a Low-cost Hand Hygiene Station for Your Workplace

Exposure to germs has become a new normal in the workplaces these days owing to a variety of tasks that you have to do. Considering the diverse nature of activities being performed in the workplaces, people are likely to engage in tasks like writing reports, shaking hands with strangers, opening or closing a door.

All of these things put people in a vulnerable position where they can get affected by germs if they remain unsanitized. These crises have even grown further in the COVID-19 crisis when the need for sanitation facilities is more than ever. Research has shown that nearly 80% of all these infections are transmitted via hand. Therefore, it has become crucial for employers to have an effective hand hygiene station at the workplace to protect their employees and create a safer workplace environment.

The significance of having hand hygiene stations at a workplace cannot be overstated. Failure to create a safer work environment will increase the rate of absenteeism due to illness, decrease the productivity of your organization and ultimately hamper your business’s bottom line. But the good news is that with the placement of hand hygiene stations strategically, you can reduce these infections rate significantly.

According to the World Health Organization, hand sanitation is one of the best tools to avoid infections. Therefore, employers have every incentive be it financially, environmentally, or socially to create a safer workplace. And hand hygiene stations are the quickest and easiest solution to do this.

Various potential benefits can be extracted with having a network of hand hygiene stations throughout your organization. A few of them stand out. Let’s explore them in detail.

Safer Work Environment:

These days, there is a great emphasis on the company’s culture. But nothing is more important to company culture than the physical safety and security of its workers. The touchless hand sanitizer station supports automatic temperature monitoring to help you confirm the health status of every employee every day. By cultivating an environment of safety, you can better capitalize on the talent of your workforce, which in turn will increase your productivity and help you excel in the market. This factor alone is worth the investment in the hand hygiene stations.

Touchless Sanitation:

If a sanitizer is not touchless, there is a high risk of cross-infection during the process of sanitization. But with automatic sensing by infrared rays of touchless hand sanitizer stations, you can be sure that the process is even safer. Such advanced technology also reduces the wastage of sanitizer, as stations will automatically spray the optimal amount.

Durability and Large Capacity:

There are some places called superspreaders where there is a greater risk of disease transmissions like entrance or exit places. But the modern-day sanitation facilities are capable of handling the load caused by the high flow of people. Most of them are also made with durable material so that they can withstand wear and tear over a long period of time, reducing the maintenance cost.

User Friendly:

The good thing about these facilities is that they are very easy to use. You do not need special skills to operate or maintain them. The hand hygiene station even provides additional functions, such as storage boxes and built-in garbage for you to achieve a more hygienic and healthy working environment. Everything is designed to make the usage simpler and more transparent. This reduces the maintenance cost over time.

More Economical:

Many hand hygiene stations produce a lot of waste material because they either spray the sanitizer too much or have an incomplete discharge. But the modern-day sanitizers make the usage of sanitizer pretty economical. With the help of advanced technology, the disinfectant is turned into fine droplets to minimize the waste while spraying the disinfectant onto the full hand simultaneously.

The need for intelligent sanitation facilities is more than ever today in the working environment to keep the proceedings of any organization going smoothly. Without a healthy workforce, you cannot expect your business to grow. So, sanitation stations are a win-win situation for you in this regard. Founded in 2003, SVAVO manufactures intelligent sanitation solutions to keep the workforce neat and clean at every workplace.

They are exporting their products in more than 70 countries which speaks volumes about their efficacy. Driven by the culture of research and development, they are trendsetters in the markets with a lot of innovations coming out of them. For those seeking a healthy environment in their workplaces, using SVAVO sanitization station is a must thing to try if they really want to keep their surroundings clean.