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Seven great health benefits of aromatherapy

If there is one field that is rapidly gaining attention in the health world because of its benefits, it is aromatherapy. We live an increasingly stressful lifestyle, and more people are suffering from lifestyle illnesses as well as stress-related conditions – and this provides a perfect way to relax from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Websites such as give you a good idea of the oils you can use and the diffusers you can get to help with the process, but you may wonder what health benefits aromatherapy offers you – other than the relaxation aspect. If this sounds familiar to you, read on.

What is aromatherapy all about?

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine, which utilizes plant materials in volatile form, also known as essential oils, and these are used to manage a variety of health conditions. It can be useful as a supplemental medicine, change the cognitive state of a person, or improve moods.

While it has been used for thousands of years, it is easy to forget that the field of aromatherapy is a fairly recent one – most of what is known is due to extensive research carried out in the last one hundred years or less. This is mainly due to the increasing trend of people moving away from the idea of using synthetic chemicals, and turning more towards using natural health and cleaning products – which in turn, makes essential oils more available in the market.

It is also more complex than simply using these oils – it involves knowing carrier oils, herbal distillates, phytoncides, vaporizer oils, and so on. An important aspect it involves is synergy, which involves mixing different oils and then knowing the best combinations that are the most effective.

Some health benefits of aromatherapy

Reducing stress

this is perhaps what you likely think when you hear the word ‘aromatherapy’, as the different compounds each oil contains can soothe the mind and reduce anxiety. The field is also widely studied, so people can make their own mixtures at home using simple methods. Some of the most popular oils that are used for this purpose include lemon, peppermint, lavender, vetiver, bergamot, and ylang-ylang.

Antidepressant effects

It is no secret that an increasing number of people are suffering from mental illnesses today, such as depression. Aromatherapy steps in as a common method of giving patients relief from their symptoms, while acting as a natural alternative to the complicated synthetic nature of pharmaceutical antidepressants.

However, there is something to note – while aromatherapy is great as a complementary treatment, it is best to seek professional help if someone is struggling with worsening mental health issues. The best oils that act as antidepressants include chamomile, peppermint, jasmine, and lavender.

Management of psychiatric disorders

There are various studies that show the effectiveness of aromatherapy when it comes to managing psychiatric disorders. These oils include lavender, which boosts the mood and reduces anxiety issues. In addition, frankincense oil and peppermint can help in reducing certain cognitive disorders, manage chronic pain, and help with managing depression and reducing insomnia.

Increasing your energy levels

The fast pace of modern life can leave you in a frenzy, and unable to function because you have low energy levels. When you are struggling with this problem, you can turn to aromatherapy as a complement to your exercise and diet regimens. In fact, it is a better method of boosting your energy, compared to consuming stimulants or energy pills.

Scientific research also shows that many essential oils help in improving circulation of blood, stimulating the mind and body, as well as increase energy levels. The best oils in this case include rosemary, jasmine, sage, tea tree, cinnamon, black pepper, and cardamom.

Boosts the healing process

The toll of stress on daily life shows up in form of weakened immune systems, but essential oils can assist in boosting the healing process throughout the body. This is due to better circulation, which leads to increasing oxygen supply to the immune system and cells. In addition, this can also help you heal faster when you go through surgeries.

One of the great effects of essential oils is reduction of bacteria, thanks to their anti-microbial properties. This protects the body during the delicate healing stages and helps in faster recovery, even when dealing with skin conditions like eczema. Some of these oils are rosehip, lavender, buckthorn, and calendula.

Reducing headaches

Headaches are a common factor of life, but the worst ones literally force you to slow down. Rather than spending a lot of money on getting a massage or getting expensive pharmaceutical products, you can opt for aromatherapy to help you recover faster. In fact, it can also reduce your stress levels or any medical condition that led to the headache, in order to stop it from recurring.

Some of these oils include peppermint, sandalwood, eucalyptus and rosemary. The best way to use them is mixing them in a carrier oil, then apply them topically on your skin, temples, neck and scalp. The best carrier oils include avocado, sesame, almond, apricot kernel, and coconut.

Regulation of sleep

If you are among the many that struggle with insomnia or other sleep conditions, you know very well that lack of sleep is a long term risk to your health. It also leaves you feeling devoid of energy and unproductive.

However, aromatherapy will help you achieve a better sleep schedule balance, since it helps in regulation of the circadian rhythm that regulates your sleeping patterns. The best ones on the list include ylang-ylang, jasmine, chamomile, sweet marjoram, sandalwood, lavender, benzoin, rose, and neroli. In particular, lavender is a great option for pregnant women, especially when they struggle with morning sickness, nausea and lack of sleep.

Final thoughts

Regardless of the condition you struggle with, always make sure to talk to your doctor before using any essential oil. It is also very important to get your oils from a trusted dealer, and never mix oils if you are not sure about the process – it will become a major risk to your health.