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Many factors make a business successful. Better production line, efficient operations, obtaining raw materials at a reasonable price, a cost-effective distribution channel. But most importantly, it is a motivated employee who is the real reason behind a company’s achievement.

Experts say that employees’ motivation is the key to the accomplishment of an organization. When a company’s workforce is motivated, they perform to the best of their abilities. Encouragement enhances workers’ productivity, which is a crucial factor in achieving the organization’s goals and success. When the majority of workers put in their utmost efforts in meeting deadlines and completing tasks, the business thrives, and this happens when a boss applies motivational strategies.

Smart employers recognize the importance of motivation and practice it from time to time to increase the productiveness of the workforce. Employers usually understand the effect of motivation but find themselves at a loss about ways of motivating their workforce. Maintaining motivation is a challenge as not all the tasks of the company may excite workers. Therefore, businesses need to find ways to keep the motivational level of workers high.

The following are a few ways to motivate employees, which in turn enhances their efficiency.

  1. Friendly Environment

A business should understand that workers are more efficient when they feel comfortable and respected. The company’s leadership has a significant impact on the atmosphere of a workplace, and it is in his hand to create a friendly yet professional atmosphere to increase worker’s productivity. Team members who share a close bond and communicate openly have shown to work more efficiently. Employers can create a friendly work environment by sharing a cordial relationship with workers. The newly recruited staff takes time to mingle up, so an employer can have various “breaking the ice” activities for new entrants so that they can blend in the environment.

  1. Inclusion

Workers feel proud, and a sense of ownership engulfs them when an employer includes them in meetings and seek their suggestions. Besides, it is a better idea to have various opinions on any matter; you never know your employee may raise a point that you might ignore. Employers who give importance to their workers are smart as they understand that a happy employee will work productively and efficiently.

  1. Employee Recognition Awards

Getting a pat on the shoulder on some achievement forces him to raise the bar of his performance. Earning recognition in front of a bunch of people boosts one’s confidence and make him believe that he can do much better. Appreciating your staff in an annual company dinner by distributing corporate awards is a brilliant idea. Hence, having annual corporate award ceremonies not only serve as a motivating factor but also creates an atmosphere of healthy competition, which is another way of enhancing workers’ proficiency.

  1. Compliments

Who does not like receiving compliments? The truth is people of all ages love hearing praises about themselves as it swells their chest and makes them feel good about themselves. Employers who recognize when a worker performs an extraordinary job, create an energetic environment where workers feel the urge to perform better. The best part is appreciating someone’s efforts does not cost a dime and results in an improved workforce. Sending a thoughtful email or showering a worker with kind words stimulates an urge in the worker to outperform himself in upcoming tasks. Besides, when a person hears a compliment about his efforts, he vows to perform even better.

  1. Give your Team a Free Hand

Nobody likes a boss who micromanages all tasks and does not give his employees the liberty to perform. As a boss, you need to keep an eye on the bigger picture and leave the rest to the workers. To increase efficiency, you need to make workers believe that you have faith in their skills, and they will feel encouraged to perform better.

Human nature is that people do not like to give control of their time and energy to someone else. When you give your staff autonomy, you respect their human emotions, and this evokes the yearning to prove their worth in them.  In the long run, it helps in building a competent team and double up the outputs of a business.

  1. Offer Exciting Benefits

Intrinsic rewards do wonders as motivation and play a crucial role in motivating staff members. However, offering tangible benefits like increment on a performance level, bonus on festivities, or gift cards for shopping is an excellent way of showing encouragement. Receiving perks from a boss gives a boost to workers’ self-esteem, and he improves his performance. Moreover, offering benefits that aim to make employees’ lives better in and out of the work environment help in magnifying employees’ mood and return employers earn their loyalty.

  1. Professional Development

Lately, employers have realized the importance of professional development programs, and they devise various plans which offer a win-win for both parties. The training sessions help your staff reach the pinnacle of professional capability, which helps in achieving your business goals. A professional development session empowers staff, and career progression strengthens their passion. Training improves the current skill set, and workers familiarize themselves with the new technology and business practices.

The monotonous routine bores people while challenges keep them going. These sessions light up the motivation in them to acquire new skillset and increase their efficiency. Having a unique skill set and enthusiasm maximizes their potential and improves their productivity.


Applying motivational strategies results in the prosperity of a business venture. Although there are no set rules of motivating, the techniques mentioned above can bring a remarkable increase in the productivity of the workforce. Having transparency, ensuring equality, giving room for the errors are a few additional factors that work as an encouragement. When a boss celebrates wins or expresses gratitude, employees feel exceptional about themselves, which improves their self-esteem. Motivation is the driving force that stimulates productivity and employers who practice techniques to encourage their employees, have content, and happy employees who genuinely strives for the success of the business.