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‘Several people are stabbed’ at Manchester’s Arndale Centre 

‘Knifeman stabs several people as four are injured’ before police Taser suspect outside Manchester’s Arndale Centre while panicked shoppers flee for safety

  • Police and ambulance crews were called to the shopping centre this morning
  • Footage from the street outside shows a man being Tasered and held down
  • It is reported that at least one person was injured at a Starbucks in the centre 

Four people are said to have been injured after a number of victims were reportedly stabbed at a shopping centre in Manchester.

Police officers Tasered a suspect outside the Arndale Centre in the centre of the city this morning amid claims a number of people were attacked. 

Footage recorded by a member of the public shows one police officer handcuffing the suspect on the pavement outside, after another policeman stunned him with a Taser.

A photo from inside the centre shows paramedics and police dealing with a victim at a Starbucks coffee shop inside. 

The shopping centre has been evacuated as emergency services help the wounded and deal with the arrested man. 

A man has been Tasered after reports four people were injured in a multiple stabbing at Manchester’s Arndale shopping centre this morning

Scores of police as well as ambulance crews have been sent to the shopping centre

Scores of police as well as ambulance crews have been sent to the shopping centre

A video from inside the shopping centre shows a number of officers running between shops in the aftermath of the incident. 

Greater Manchester Police have set a wide cordon around the centre as they investigate. They have yet to comment on the incident.

David Allinson, Centre Director, Manchester Arndale, said: ‘A serious incident has taken place at Manchester Arndale this morning.

‘The centre has been evacuated while police investigate the incident.

‘We are unable to comment any further as the incident is currently being handled by Greater Manchester Police, who we will continue to support with their investigation.

One man was leaving the Football Museum when people were evacuated.

He said: ‘There were loads of police and ambulance. Everyone was coming out quite calmly, it seemed quite organised. The trams have stopped outside and no one is being allowed in.’


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