‘Shameless’ air passengers spark outrage with ‘public sex show’ in their seats on flight from Spain and refuse to stop until cops haul them off jet after landing

  • The couple refused to stop the public sex show on the Lufthansa flight
  • They were flying from Alicante to Munich 
  • German police eventually arrested them when they landed  

German police are investigating a shameless couple who refused to stop putting on a public sex show on a Lufthansa flight from Alicante to Munich. 

The couple, two Polish citizens aged 40 who have not yet been named, ‘performed sexual acts on each other’ on flight LH 1849 on Wednesday. 

Despite cabin crew members repeatedly asking them to stop, the two ‘unruly passengers’ not only refused to stop but also insulted the flight attendants, who then contacted German federal police.

Upon landing the flight, which according to FlightRadar data left Alicante nearly an hour late and arrived in Munich half an hour late, cops came onboard and arrested the pair before the other passengers were allowed to disembark. 

The couple are now being investigating for public nuisance charges. 

German police are investigating a shameless couple who refused to stop putting on a public sex show on a Lufthansa flight from Alicante to Munich (File image)

MailOnline has contacted Lufthansa for comment. 

Alicante and other Spanish holiday destinations have become hotbeds for debaucherous behaviour. 

Just last month, a British man was arrested at the city’s airport after being drunk on board and trying to open the door mid-flight.

Spanish police were waiting on the tarmac when the plane touched down in Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernandez Airport, and arrested the 28-tear-old man, who was said to have been so drunk that he did not realise the plane was still in the air.

Passengers helped the crew to restrain him during a brawl in which he reportedly became aggressive and compromised the safety of the flight.

The incident happened on board an Easyjet flight which had left Gatwick airport for Alicante-Elche in Spain, according to Spanish newspaper Informacion.es

The Brit had already been disturbing the other passengers with his drunken behaviour.

As the plane neared its destination, the man allegedly tried to open a door to ‘get off quicker’ after not realising the aircraft had not yet landed.

This resulted in the pilot having to call the control tower to request the presence of the Civil Guard on touch-down, Informacion.es reported.

‘Apparently, the traveller boarded already drunk but his condition worsened during the flight, since the altitude enhances the effects of alcohol. At one point, he got into a fight with other travellers, whom he attacked after insulting and provoking them. When the company’s onboard personnel intervened, he also tried to hit them,’ said Informacion.es

‘And not only that. In the midst of a brawl, he tried to open the plane door to get off, without being aware that they were in mid-flight, and then tried to access the cabin. Finally, the passenger helped the crew to immobilise him and, as soon as the aircraft landed in El Altet, the Civil Guard entered and detained him.’

According to the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency, the London to Alicante flight route sees the second most amount of on-flight incidents. Last year alone there were 184 complaints.

Intoxicated Brits are said to be responsible for the majority of these episodes.

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