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Shipping A Car Cost Less Than Actually Driving It Yourself

If you are planning to relocate across countries in the United States, then you likely have a bulk load on your plate.

Between choosing for the place perfect for you to live, or deciding professional plans and signing of contracts, starting to pack can even be more challenging, let alone to think that you still have automobiles to transport.

Unless you know your way and drive through coastlines, one good option is for you to ship your car to your new found home as you travel or fly there.

Though the most economical way for you to transport a vehicle is to drive it yourself, it is best to minimize work and some risk when relocating and much better instead to get a quote on the services of car transport. But the question every customer deem to ask is, how much does it cost to ship a car?

Elements That Affect the Price of Shipping A Car

  • The distance and location of your place to your new home.

If you are relocating a few states away, the standard rate is approximately $500. The price could climb to $1,500 or more. The distance is not always the decisive factor when you are shipping a car. For example, transporting your vehicles to major cities such as New York or Chicago will cost less compared to shipping to a small remote town. When you decide to ship a car, it is vital to keep the location and distance in mind.

  • The type of vehicle as a common factor

Vehicle affects the overall cost of shipping a car substantially. The average price of shipping a small sedan from east to west coast is around $750. But if you are from the west and relocating to the east, the same size vehicle costs around $1000. While bigger and heavier vehicles can cost more, transporting fees also changed based on the direction you are going.

  • Your preferred shipping options.

There are two types of shipping options, open and enclosed trailer. Most companies consider open trailer as a standard shipping method that most customer prefers. It is also cheaper compared to the enclosed one. Eight cars can fit on this trailer, so expect that you are not the only customer.

It is advisable to opt for the enclosed trailer if you are transporting luxury or high-end cars. This method can protect any vehicle from possible issues on the road – weather, dirt, dust, rain, snow, and many more.

Average Overall Price of Shipping A Car

Think of a Mini Cooper or a Toyota Yaris. These are compact and small. At the distance of 3000 miles (LA, CA, to Boston, MA), the average price can range up to $1500.

  • Sedan

A sedan has more significant interiors, longer, and commonly have complete (4) doors compared to a coupe. Examples of sedan cars are your Honda Accord/Civics or Toyota Camry. At the distance of 3000 miles, the average quote for transporting the car can range up to $1300.

  • Luxury/High-end automobiles.

Enclosed transport is the best option for convertibles, sports cars, and the likes. Shipping these vehicles tend to cost you more. At a distance of 3000 miles, the average price can range approximately $1,600.

To answer your question, how much does it cost to ship a car, it depends on a myriad of factors. However, shipping your car under the reliable service of a transporting company is generally cheaper. The cost of driving it for yourself requires an unpaid week off at work. If that is the case, it might cost you less to instead turn to trailer trucks.