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Shock jock Ray Hadley’s son Daniel wants drug charge dropped on mental health grounds

Radio star Ray Hadley’s son will seek to have a cocaine possession charge dealt with under mental health provisions rather than the criminal law.

Daniel Hadley, who until recently was a police officer, will apply to have the charge dismissed under Section 32 of Mental Health (Forensic Provisions) Act.

Hadley and the man accused of supplying him with the cocaine, Shaquillie Sione Vaisiqine Laf Moubayed, were both listed before Parramatta Local Court on Wednesday.

Moubayed appeared in court while Hadley was excused and was instead represented by Madeline Walsh as agent for solicitor Warwick Anderson.

Noting the number of reporters in his court, magistrate Brett Shields asked why a small drug possession matter had attracted so much media attention.

Ms Walsh: ‘I guess it’s because who his father is.’

Mr Shields: ‘Who’s his father?’

Ms Walsh: ‘Ray Haldey.’

Mr Shields: ‘Oh, the radio guy.’

Ms Walsh said medical reports would be prepared ahead of the Section 32 application.

Hadley was off-duty when he was arrested at the Australian Hotel and Brewery at Rouse Hill in Sydney’s north-west about 8pm on Friday, August 3.

The 28-year-old, then a senior constable, was allegedly caught in possession of 0.66 grams of cocaine, with a street value of about $200.

Shortly afterwards, between 8.05pm and 8.20pm, Moubayed was arrested in a nearby vehicle allegedly holding 7.51 grams of cocaine and a wad of $500 in cash.

Hadley was originally accused of possessing 0.79 grams of cocaine but that quantity was reduced to the smaller amount on Wednesday.

After his arrest Hadley was admitted to a mental health clinic.

In recent months he has been suffering from a dislocated knee and was awaiting a hernia operation. Police revealed last month he had resigned from the force.

Hadley, who split from his wife of two years Tahlee Anderson earlier this year, did not appear at court when his matter was first mentioned on September 12.

The day after Hadley’s arrest his father tearfully admitted during a press conference to feeling ‘inadequate’ as a parent for failing to notice his son’s mental health problems.

‘When I was first told I was angry and perplexed,’ the 2GB broadcaster said.

‘I had no idea my son, a respected police officer, would be involved in such a matter.

‘I brought Daniel back to my home and my anger turned to shock and sadness.

‘My son revealed to me he’s been having mental health issues.

‘I’m not a medical professional and I won’t guess the nature of his illness but I will tell you it’s very serious and his family – me, his mum, sisters, aunts and uncles – are very concerned.’

Hadley junior, who had been a policeman for six years and was previously a plumber, is the former auctioneer and taxi driver’s eldest child from his first marriage.

‘Daniel accepts responsibility for his behaviour but unfortunately is not in control of his mental health,’ his father said.

‘I now know how many parents feel when they think things are OK when they’re not.

‘This is going to be a long slow process for my son, I love him dearly.

‘I wish to God he’d come to me before this morning to tell me what he was battling.’

The top-rating announcer returned to the airwaves the following Monday to thank well-wishers for their support and to attack social media trolls.

‘To the few haters and trolls on social media, you’re being treated with the contempt you deserve,’ he said.

‘My employers gave me the chance to have a week off but I have never hidden from my own shortcomings – of which there are many.’

‘I am here today to do what I do best, to get on with it and lead by example for my son and my family.’

Moubayed, from Seven Hills, is charged with supplying a prohibited drug, possessing a prohibited drug and having goods in custody reasonably suspected of being unlawfully obtained.

The 22-year-old old, who has worked at Flemington Markets, was originally represented by a Legal Aid solicitor but now has retained private counsel.

Hadley will be back in court on December 12. 


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