Shocked couple discover a snake under their Christmas tree

  • A shocked couple has found a red-bellied black snake under their Christmas tree
  • The wife had spotted it a week beforehand, but her husband hadn’t believe her
  • It has since been captured, removed and relocated into the bushland in Maitland
  • Residents are urged to keep their doors closed firmly, especially during the heat 

A shaken couple in Maitland found an extra surprise under their pile of holiday gifts on Sunday afternoon – but it definitely wasn’t on anyone’s Christmas list.

A red-bellied black snake had wriggled across the cool floor tiles to gain refuge from the heat, eventually seeking shelter next to a pile of gifts under the Christmas tree.

But the reptile had actually been indoors for about a week; John’s wife said she had caught sight of the snake several days ago – but he didn’t believe her. 

A couple have discovered a red-bellied black snake lying under their decorated Christmas tree

‘The snake had actually found its way up stairs to the second floor whilst trying to find a way out,’ said Bill from Maitland Snake Relocation. 

‘[It] just shows how much they really try to avoid us and stay out of our way.’

Bill suspects that the snake came into the house through the garage, as most roller doors do not seal fully in the corners at each end.

‘Snakes try and avoid these really hot days as much as we do so it’s worth making sure your doors seal properly to prevent them entering your home,’ he advised.

Red-bellied black snakes are highly venomous, but will never attack humans or defend themselves unless they are provoked or threatened.

In fact, farmers and owners of rural properties often encourage them to stick around to keep the brown snakes and tigers snakes away from livestock. 

‘If you do happen to find a snake inside, try to avoid disturbing it and watch from a safe distance or confine it to the room it’s in by closing doors and jamming towels firmly under to prevent them from escaping.’ 

Bill's Snake Relocation has now carefully removed the snake and released it back into the wild

Bill’s Snake Relocation has now carefully removed the snake and released it back into the wild

The snake has since been captured, removed and relocated, but the husband and wife who found it are still in a bit of shock.

‘I thought I saw it on Friday downstairs,’ wrote John’s wife. ‘But John checked around and convinced I was seeing things…Obviously not!’

John joked that he was so scared he was ‘in need of medical attention’ after spotting the dangerous reptile under the Christmas tree, and added that he’d be ‘checking it twice’ from now on.