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Shocking footage of a Deer being hit by a car in a busy city road.

Oh deer! The shocking moment a driver collides with a stag on a busy stretch of road

  • Shocking dashcam footage captures the moment car collides with running deer
  • Animal strikes are becoming more common and not just in rural areas
  • The footage was taken on a busy stretch of road in  Richmond, Sydney

This is the moment a driver had a shocking surprise after colliding with a deer on a busy city road.

The footage, uploaded by Dash Cam Owners Australia captures the heart-stopping moment a car travelling along a busy stretch of road in Richmond in South-East Sydney.

The road seems clear before a deer appears from nowhere and bounds across the road. 

The white stag leaps into oncoming traffic, trying to make it to the other side but collides with the bonnet of the vehicle.

The animal is launched into the air, flipping multiple times in front of horrified commuters.

The animal appears to land on its feet on the median strip metres in front before running off onto the other side of the road. 

This unsettling footage comes as more and more animal collision footage are being uploaded to the user generated page and they’re not just in rural areas but in high-trafficked locations.

Earlier this year, AAMI reported that one in ten accident claims recorded in cities were animal collisions.

The stag is seen flipping multiple times in the air before landing onto the median strip and darting off into the distance

Canberra took out the top city for the most animal collisions with more claims than any other city in Australia for the second year in a row.



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