Shocking moment America pro skateboarder Tyshawn Jones is inexplicably KICKED off his bike by a random stranger while cycling around Paris

In a shocking moment captured on video, American professional skateboarder Tyshawn Jones was seen being kicked off the bicycle he was riding in Paris.

The video was recorded by an associate of the New Jersey native who was riding behind him through the streets.

As Jones is seen taking in the sights and weaving through the streets, another cyclist is seen coming up alongside him and kicks out his leg – hitting the bike and causing the skater to fall down into the road.

Luckily, the 25-year-old wasn’t seriously injured and in another video said he tried to catch up with the biker, but that he ‘just couldn’t catch him’.

‘I just wanna have a conversation with the bro, like, you know, why would you do that to such a good person?’, he said in a video posted to Instagram, asking his followers if they knew the identity of the cyclist.

In a video, skater Tyshawn Jones is seen being kicked off his bicycle in the streets of Paris

Jones tried finding the person responsible but was advised to let the situation go by Adidas

Jones tried finding the person responsible but was advised to let the situation go by Adidas

Jones promised to go back to the spot of the kick ‘same time, same hour, right on the dot’ in order to try and see the cyclist again.

The skater is in France for Paris Fashion Week, according to the person who recorded the video – who works for Adidas.

Adidas has a line of Tyshawn Jones sneakers and clothes – including his own signature skate shoe.

Despite his continued desire to look for the cyclist, the Adidas rep – Jascha Muller, global director of sports marketing – advised him to give up the search.

‘I gotta take it to the chin,’ Jones said. ‘I guess I’m going to let this guy slide. It really burns a whole in my heart but I’m going to be the bigger person this one time and that’s it. Peace and love.’

Jones is a two-time winner of the Skater of the Year award from the skateboarding magazine Thrasher.