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Shooter kills two in hail of bullets in German city of Saarbruecken 

  • Two people have been killed and several wounded in a shooting in Germany
  • Police are describing the shooting in Saarbruecken as ‘a domestic incident’ 
  • Local media are reporting the attack happened during a ‘family celebration’ 
  • One suspect has been arrested by police according to local media 

Two people have been killed in a shooting at a faear the German city of Saarbruecken.

The Saarbruecker Zeitung newspaper reported Saturday that police have a suspect in custody.

The newspaper reports the shooting was in the Fechingen area, southeast of the city.

Two people were shot dead in the city of Saarbruecken, Germany

Broadcaster Saarbruecker Rundfunk reports that several people are injured in what police say was a domestic incident.

Bild are reporting the shooting took place during a ‘family celebration’. 

One suspect is believed to be in custody.  

Further details are not immediately available. 



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